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An oof for me

Guys I’m so stressed! So, i was making some hybrids to have a carnivore, herbivore, amphibian hybrid. I have them all but im just missing a pterasour one. And what’s the problem? That I have one of 2 of the dinosaur I need to make the hybrid, but I’m still missing one, colaburynchus (yes, I am going to do a limorynchus) b so I’m here, waiting for the earth shattering event of that pterasour

Bad news, Colobo is out of rotation since the reshuffle of the battle stages, so it’ll be impossible for you to unlock it, since there are not going to be any unlock events for it any time soon. Your only way to get it to 40 is to have luck spinning the common wheel or buying it in the market with DB.
Here’s a thread that will tell you which ones are still and are not in rotation made by @Jurassic_Fury


You’ll have to pay DB for it. If you go to it and tap on a plus or empty Dino spot, it will take you to a screen to pay DB per copy. No unlock. This is what I did a long time ago.

Depending on your level I would just invest in either tropeogopterus or better yet tapejalosaur, both hybrids will be beneficial to your game in the long run whereas limnorhynchus really isn’t that good.

Yeah pelecaniptrex and tapejalo are much better, while tapejalo has one earth shattering one. Pelecaniptrex also has a locked component.

If you still want limo you will have to hope you get it from commmon packs in the rare common rarity rumble or the zinc prize in the raffle.
Otherwise if you’re above level 50, you may get an offer to buy a colo in the trade harbour for like 140 lp or bucks.