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An open Letter to Ludia Part 2 (Your so called Arena “”MATCHING)

Dear Ludia,

Again another negative sentiment to your biggest and buggiest update ever! So Arena matching was an issue way back before your recent trophy update. The question is, when are you going to fix this? Or will you ever fix this? Let me guess. Another blind eye again?

Where am I coming from here? Here are my encounters JUST TODAY:

  1. A level 26 Tryko, Level 24 Maxima and a level 22 indoraptor
  2. A level 24 erlidom, level 25 magna and level 22 Quetzorion
  3. A level 25 thor, level 23 indoraptor and level 23 maxima

Then what? I’ll lose 30-40 points despite being the underdog? See below for my lineup. So was there matching done. Let me guess, its a yes?

Truely yours,

One of thousands of frustrated players

PS: here’s my part 1. I hope Ludia takes this personally because im clearly attacking you personally due to your incompetence.

Here another encounter just now. #”ArenaMatching”


What arena are you in?

Managed to reach aviary

Sorry but that’s just typical aviary craziness

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Agree but losing 30-40 points? I was expecting around 1-15 only!

That nothing to what I faced. With some 16 thru 21 I got crushed by some boosted 30s.

Yeah but this is consistent not a super rare dropper

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Are any of your dinos boosted?

Its reasonable lose that amount of trophies, meaning that you dont belong on that arena yet and should upgrade your creatures.


No i havent used mine yet

Lol. So your saying the game is forcing me to go down? Then whats the point of trying to go higher then??

I mean, if youre in an arena which team levels are 21-25, then LITERALLY you cant climb because theyre superior and the game drop you, to make you improve and level your creatures meanwhile fighting against ‘‘similar’’ level creatures (lockdown for example).

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I had to fight a lvl 23 maxima with a 17 spinotah. This is skill based matchmaking at its highest

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Well there ya go; I dropped over 1000 pts after the reset until I reapplied my boosts also. Your previous trophy level was because of your boosted team, you can’t expected to remain at that level until you reapply them. Until you find your “new normal” (aka what your lineup power is w/out boosts) it has less to do with bad matchmaking and more to do with your team being less powerful than it was previously.

that ones not even that bad of a matchup I’ve seen much worse in aviary

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I never used my boosts.

So Ludia isnt doing anything yet regarding this matter? Issue still persist

What can they do? Too many jerks refuse to move up due to laziness and easy matches. Human nature is such that jerks will exploit the matchmaker to find easy matches.

Ludia has been told for months what to do but have chosen to ignore because they see no issue with jerks dropping because it encourages boosting.

I understand your point. But losing 30-40 points even if your opponent is way better than you? Im sure they can fix this