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An open letter to Ludia Part 3. (STILL there is an imbalnce in spawn areas)

Dear Ludia,

Again another flaw of this game which im sure you are aware but never seem to do something about is your zone spawns. Why is it that one zone is way better than others and one zone is filled with bad neglected dinos?? Should this be balanced in a way that distribution of dino recipes, specially good ones are not cluttered in one zone?? To highlight, zone 2 is the best zone while zone 4 and 1 are the worst. If your idea of balancing is prioritizing a zone and neglecting some, again get ready to lose more players. People will stop grinding if they know there is too little progress to gain.

Here’s a guide that some made because you just cant make and publish one.

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zone 4 isnt that bad if you want to grind out a tuoramoloch for raids. with access to parasaur and stygi it’s quite useful. Tuora is a great healing dino with the best utility for Mortem raids.

I was in area 2 until the update. It is the best but 3 and 4 aren’t that far behind. 1 might be worse but it has sino and sino is the most popular one. Area 2 was better before the update too. It had erliko g2 and draco along with deacorex g2 and allo. The only good thing that came to it was mammoth.

For me the worst zone is zone 1 (only anky ia good and little hard to get that one), the best is 2, 4 (monolometro id good now, Pachi, stiggy and para), then 3 ( only seco and Deinocheirus)

Still zone 2 is way better than the rest of the zones right? In terms of diversity, players under that zones has more options compared to the “left out” zones.

This topic is less viable since the zones will migrate once a month.

Zone 3 is really bad. Nothing spawns in zone 3. No supply drops, dinos, raid bosses, or sanctuaries

Secondtosaurus moschops, pteranodon,and monolophosaurus

Is there any official post regarding this statement?

“This feature is intended to rotate local creature spawns on the first Monday of every Month, which is why you noticed the change yesterday, the first Monday of August. The next rotation will happen on the first Monday of September.”

Hold your hourses, we still don’t know if it is working and how (rotate all 4 or only 2).

Second: I would love official info where dinos spawns. Like we had weekdays info in creature description. It should be mandatory part of description (including “dont seen in wild”), like in jwa field guide app.

change to different zone every week, once in 1 month, you have all zones once