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An option to change the orientation of structures

This is purely cosmetic, but a good-looking park is definitely something that everyone wants to have. It looks and feels kind of odd when you put a building or a decoration in a place where it doesn’t seem fit or is just facing the wrong direction, but you have to put it there anyway for one reason or another. It’s mostly because there is only one orientation for each building/structure available in the game. So it would be quite nice to have 4 different orientations for structures available so you can position them in a suitable setting that would actually look good.


I have dreamed of this for a long time, and I believe I will have to continue to dream about this one.


In fact , in another game of Ludia "Dragons, rise of Berk " , where you make a village with dragons, you have the ability to change the orientation of all structures. When I saw it I thought why they don’t add it at JWTG. My park appearance is one of the most important things at my game.


That’s strange. Hopefully we can get it done on this game too if there are enough voices.

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