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An option to leave a battle

When you’re losing a battle, there should be an option to leave. It’s so infuriating when I’m losing and close the app and try to quit it, but when I come back it’s still stuck on battle and I have no choice but to admit defeat! Grr! Nothing works! There should be a quit button like in JWTG!


Ye, there’s always someone with that idea… But if that existed, the great majority of battles wouldn’t have a proper end. People would just leave when they realized they were gonna lose, even if it’s the last turn. That would be crap


I do agree, its not proper. But what’s proper anyway? Being 3-0’d by a ProRat in the tourney is proper? I usually send a yawn emote and close the app, let the timer go for them rats and come back later. So its not going to go the way it should either way.


On one hand, it would suck to constantly get “Opponent forfeit!” when you want to try out your team or battle properly.

On the other, spending 20 seconds waiting for the timer to go down to 0 over and over again isn’t appealing either. Then there are the few who deliberately wait until you’re 2-0 up, then switch to the last dino just to make you wait another 30-60 seconds for the timer to finish.


That could be a route Ludia takes, or… They could also just fix every problematic aspects of the PvP Arena. You choose. Either way, every (alright, almost every) suggestion we offer is denied by Ludia, unless it benefits their bottomless wallets.


I do all of those in a tourney like this, can’t lie. In the arena I don’t do this like that. I yawn at a few who have all maxxed boosts of course nothing drastic. But I can’t deal with all the lvl 30 all maxxed boost proRats trolling the part of the game I started to enjoy…tourneys. Now has just been trash also. So sometimes I purposely drag the battle as long as possible. But its just a waste of time to do for both. So closing app is better.

At least I’m no longer vip though, so I don’t have to feel that I’m also paying to feel that.

Also, opponent forfeit… maybe it could switch to AI. But reward the player still.

I get you, I also love these tourneys but I am sick of the epic hybrid ones for that reason alone. It’s not too bad in the skill tournaments (speed ties aside, I’m still picking up new techniques on them) but advantage ones are just riddled with overpowered Yoshi. And if it’s a slight nuisance on an even playing field…

Advantage tourneys are BS indeed, especially epic hybrid ones, but that’s no reason to add a stupid feature that would affect other tourneys and normal arena as well… If the opponent is so unbeatable and you want to lose fast, it’s easier to select basic moves fast and let everyone die fast. This is not about practicality, it’s about not getting angry for watching your team lose to an OP creature… I say deal with it. I get angry too, sometimes to the point of punching stuff around me, but hey, that’s life.

Yeah the skilled epic hybrid ones are better. But still partially dependent on draws and yoshi. But the advantage epic hybrid ones are the worst in the entire game. Its actually worse than ig2 tourneys imo. You can bleed ig2! An all maxxed boosted arena prorat is nearly indestructible. By the time its dead either your team is 80% diminished or a 3-0.

Now obviously if someone has a huge boosted indom g2 or rixis that will cause loads of problems too. But they’re simply not in the majority of matches the way yoshi is.

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I agree. I hate when I have to wait for the match to finish and I already know I dont stand a chance.

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You’ll wait for your death and you will enjoy it.

It is about practicality. Waiting for the match that you dont stand a chance to finish is boring. Sometimes, it gets even better when your opponent puts indoraptor gen 2 and loses connection, and you cant counter it.

What is really stupid is having two tyrants in the same lineage and not making echo a global spawn. When I visit my friend in Zagreb, he is like having couple of echos around his home always, not to mention how much he gathered now with giga scents. In the mean time, I have not seen single echo in the wild for four months.


So my level 20 team gets a level 30 Procerat pulled on me. I just closed the game and got me a cup of coffee. Screw it. I’ll wait to play someone closer to my own size.

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If you really have no chance of winning, it takes like 30 seconds to lose the match, especially if you facilitate for that to happen, which is what I do… besides, what about all the other matches that would be very competitive and when you or your opponent realized you would lose, you would forfeit? C’mon, you know you would! Lol

That would take away the little fun that’s left in this game.

Root cause: matchmaking.

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Good idea, will never happen. What’s the point on cashing into this game if you no longer have the feeling of superiority, when opponent just quits.

It takes at least a minute to lose a match. If the games gets stuck, even more. And you dont have to lose"you win " screen and celebration after forfeit. That can still remain.
Also, it would be nice to be able to opt out of these animations. I would prefer not to see them. Games is laggy on my cell phone as it is.

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How about having forfeit requests instead? The match timer is paused and the opponent gets to choose to either allow you to leave or not.
There would be a limit of one forfeit request per match, so you can’t spam them.

That would be more acceptable, though I still think it’s unnecessary. there are more important things needed in the game