An Unknown error occured

I wish you a lovely day.
I always face a message says “an unknown error occured” and “error code:-1”
I use a facebook account. I play on android that is fully supported by this game

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I play on iOS and see that now and then as well - learned to ignore it since it works after pressing the “ok”-button.

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I press ok but it then reloads and says the same thing again.
-Thank you for your time

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Sorry, thought it would solve it like it does for me when seeing that.

Guess you have done standard-troubleshooting like restarting the app (I do that several times a day for it to function halfway decent, so I know how annoying it is) and the device already?

Before you do anything like removing the app make sure you have a save game enabled - Android can use Facebook or as I heard also google but I have no clue how that looks like.

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Hey Hacker76, could you send that screenshot along with your support key to our team here at

Thank you!

I really appreciate your help.
-Thank you for your time

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When I got it, it wouldn’t go away. I realized that it could be an internet connection issue and was an easy fix. However, this could be some other problem that probably has to do with either loading incorrectly or connecting with your signed-in account. I hope you get this figured out soon!

Hello ned.
I wish to talk to you about band. I contacted the support email and they said it cant be talke about and i shouldnt reply to their email. So where can i talk about it
-Thank you very much