An unpopular suggestion

This is a game of dinosaurs. The books and films are about dinosaurs. Two Jurassic World films featured hybrids.

Hybrids can be rather powerful in JWA. The upper Arena levels are just swarming with them when it should be dinosaurs that are predominant through out the game.

Perhaps have a cap of the number of hybrids that can be on a team? Perhaps limit to 3 or 4 at most? I know this won’t be a popular idea but it might help balance out some of the Arena issues.


You are free to limit your team however you wish in the selection screen. So problem solved.


No. I’m suggesting a limit to balance out the Arenas. I did say it would be an unpopular suggestion.

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I get it. As I said, you balance your team as you would like to see this balance created for teams. I’ll balance mine for what I want to use. Problem solved. We both have the freedom to choose and can have fun using what we want.

Nice idea except that balance wouldn’t exist both ways.

Why do you care what others play? Your team will reflect the movie or whatever you proposed above…unless that was all hogwash and what you meant to type in the OP was “ please limit teams stronger than mine to dinos I can beat without performing the work they put in”


Don’t talk utter nonsense. My point is that this game is based upon a franchise which is about dinosaurs. Not hybrids. Hybrids have a place in the game and they give everyone a goal to work towards as JWA has no actual end game like a regular game.

At the same time I think it would help balance Arenas, but that isn’t the primary point of the topic.

Stop acting like a salty overly competitive player when a differing point of view is brought up.

oh please man… you sound salty lol. so im only supposed to use 4 hybrids on my 8? or i can have 8 hybrids and the system will only use 4? so if its only 4 on the team, then rng might not even pick one hybrid?? did you think this through? and which non hybrids do you reccomend i work on??

Except I am only talking utter nonsense because that’s what I have been dealt to address. “Balance” is not the same as “my team cannot win and that’s unbalanced”. That isn’t a “balance” anyone thinks is needed. That’s a balance you control by making a better team. It’s also a balance no one with any sense can claim is an issue that needs to be addressed.


I thought of that one day… it’s funny, we are dinosaur enthusiasts or JP/JW lovers, but most teams are filled with fictional hybrids that were never even in the movies… if you think about it… It’s more like a Digimon thing than dinosaurs

But it’s fun this way, so whatever… If anything, I would prefer to have stronger epic and rare “real” dinos rather than limit the number of hybrids


And that is really what I’m trying to get at.

That is certainly discussable. Maybe a tournament with restrictions outside of the normal one could accomplish this without replacing the standard tourney? That way less advanced teams could have a more competitive tourney and we could use some less utilized basic dinos.

Its a little too late for this Im afraid. The real answer to this was to have the hybrids start at level 1 not 16/21 so they are noticably stronger but lower level than commons or rares on your team. Essentially you would use over leveled commons and level your hybrids to catch up. This wouldve made all dinos viable longer but again… Too late

Hmm, maybe with stronger and addit moves voor the " regular" dinosaurs…
But i do think there would be a problem, for people who have payed a lot of money to get the hybrids they have and their rank that they earned with it. They waisted al lot of money, when this changes. I get the idea, but I think it’s to late for that.

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But if the movements are unlocked from the dinosaurs obtained, would that make it viable, or not?

for example if you want the Evasive Stance of the indoraptor and monomimus, you must have both dinosaurs unlocked to a certain level

Nice troll there.

Understand what he is saying and properly comment or shut the heck up.

I know exactly what he is saying. Feel free to contribute to this thread or take your own advice and quit wasting your time posting here. Thanks in advance.

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I think is idea is great. Make a rule that teams can have a max of 2 unique or legentary, 2 epic, 4 rare, and unlimited common.

Would force people to use a greater variety of dinos.

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It’d also lose Ludia a huge chunk of their paying player-base. I busted my butt off, through many hours of driving and walking in other zones for many days to get my Utarinex and other Uniques. If Ludia were ever to tell me I can’t use them all, I’d walk away real quick.

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Well I’m floored that such an obviously high IQ poster would agree with a terrible idea.

Just floored