An unpopular suggestion

Why because it gives the P2W players a small kick in the junk?

No, because it doesn’t do anything at all to create diversity, other players would lose to overleveled commons and rares (the same ones they are trying to use) all to soothe your ego about teams with better dinos than yours. So it would fix nothing at all except limiting what players can use and create zero “diversity” or probably even less than we have now as I doubt most players see as many uniques as they see overleveled commons, rares, and epic dinos anyway.

The way it is allows folks the freedom to use whatever they want. They can opt for diversity, think outside of the box and power something of lesser rarity, etc. Much like this board having no IQ limit allows folks like you to offer a diverse range of bad ideas so should the game carry on or suffer through allowing the freedom of choice to its customers.

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If implemented from the start, that would’ve been one thing. However, we’re far too deep in to do something like that- attempting to implement that retroactively would cause nothing but problems. I strongly doubt anyone would enjoy having to bench creatures they worked to create and very likely developed a bit of an attachment to.

I could see, perhaps, a special tournament that’d limit you to using only non-hybrids. That could be pretty fun as a completely optional thing. But as a general rule? It’d just cause more harm than good, and no doubt cause a lot of people to quit.


This wasn’t intended to cause an argument. My point, perhaps not so well put across, is that the franchise is about dinosaurs not hybrids. JWA has perhaps too many hybrids, but that is a different topic.

What if as @CaptainTokoro suggests, it was used as a rule for a tournament? Would you be fine with that for a few weeks before back to normal?

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That would be cool. Create a tournament for each dino level and you can only join one of them each season. Everyone joins the one that fits the best for them.

Each tournament would allow dinos of that ranks or lower in it.

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I think that would be a fun idea. It would offer what I think you asked for in some degree in the OP without the downsides I described later.


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Wouldn’t people just overlevel tany, allo, and vraptor with a mix of Stegadeus, tragdist, indo, and then random two other dinos… I don’t see the point. Besides, it’s common, they’re supposed to be junk. I like hybrids, JW the movie was all about them. Or did you forget that part when they talking that dinosaurs areold hat now. Need bigger, fiercer creatures.

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Out of five films so far there are just two - Indominus and Indoraptor. JW3 won’t have a hybrid so they have been saying.

Dinosaurs aren’t old hat though. Dinosaurs are where the game should be focused on in my opinion.

I wouldn’t expect this to even be considered. I put it out there not to cause arguments but to raise discussion.

In the movie they said they were. People were bored with the plain dinos. And this game is modeled after JW. I think hybrids give an unlimited amount of potential for expansion. And gives players something more to play for.

Does it really matter tho? If they were to have gone the route of not creating hybrids, the best dinos would still be just as hard to obtain. Yes, the mechanic to unlocking them would be slightly different, but I’m sure Ludia would have gated them in one manner or another to prevent people from getting them too quickly. Whether it’s a real dino or not, you’d still see the same 8-12 at the upper levels, they would just have different names.

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Yeah if ludias meta score was based on stats of individual creature this could work unfortunately it goes of what rarity creatures are used when fusing. I find it really stupid that t Rex doesn’t slaughter everything as the most advanced carnivore Dino ever that actually existed, held such status in history and is the logo of both Jurassic Park and lost world movies! We all know that we got into this franchise because of dinosaurs that “existed” but there is a very finite amount of those and for ludia to have a game with a fair amount of longevity they needed to create extra Dino’s so we have this unfortunate need for random fugly hybrids and like people have said a huge investment goes into creating these so can’t really have standard Dino’s be better sux but that’s the game! Once I unlock tryko my trex is going all the way to 30! may not be very viable at all because of the hybrid party up in high arenas but like I’m not going to level my favourite dino that actually existed beyond a ludia board room!

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I agree with @JHVS
There are enough limitations to the game as it is. Any more than what it is now will be disadvantageous to those that has spent time, effort and money poured into the game. Balance is one thing and hence why certain move options are not useable during the first move. Cloak & Evade & Crits & Stun are also introduced to keep this balance. Limiting uniques to four per team will kill the game and even though I don’t have 4 uniques now, it’ll certainly stop me from pursuing more after I have created them.

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I really like the internet


The main problem is that epics do not appear so it is very difficult to evolve them. It is easier to evolve a hybrid based on rares and commons (my stegodeus is in 25) than to evolve an epic. No epic of mine (except Trex) could currently have level higher than 19. Therefore, in high sands no non-hybrid epic is used, no non-hybrid rare is used (although one day I saw a Utahraptor of 26) and very few are common (some allosaurus and some tany but very residual).

The solution that you propose could be useful but it would decompensate the teams a lot. I would have part of the team level 23/25 and part level 17/19.

Yea i agree. What is a hybrid anyway. Not a dinosaur for sure. I think also we should ban the usage of non-common dinos as well. Oh and please can you make it so that noone can have higher level dinosaurs then mine on their team i would love that thanks

Edit: to get real tho that would not be fun. The game is fun because its shapeshifting and reforming around hybrids. You cant have a car racing game with real cars that most people drive it wouldnt be fun. Dinos are cool but hybrids are fun. Also to point that the hybrids are dinosaurs too. Its not like the hybrids are truck tires or something

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#imaginary_dino_lives_matter ROFL :grin:


also, with more queues, even longer queue times will happen…

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What would give variety is if coin cost to level up some dinos was a lot cheaper. To level L21 iguanadon to L22 takes same coin amount as levelling a stegodeus. As stegod is a better performetr and coins are short , nobody levels iguanadon high. If it was lots cheaper to level up “arena unpopular” dinos, if it was cheap to massively over level them to point they could be arena useful, then at least a chance of making batles more varied (would still need DNA grind but not coin grind)

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Every dino in every movie is a hybrid–whether with another dino or with a dino mixed with a frog (or some such). So maybe just more frog dino hopping? :heart_eyes:


I still use Tany as a common Dino.

this is a competitive game and people need the most competitve dinos.

If common dinos and some rare and epic dinos had the abilities and stats to worth them level up, things would be different.

Note: recently faced a 26 Allo, 20 Rex, 22 velo and other high-lvl common. There are still people using them.