Analysing the Creatures and Features survey (much speculation)

JWA fans seem to have the opposite viewpoint of Pokemon’s- the Pokemon fans want Sprigatito to stay on all fours when it evolves; conversely we want Indominus’ hybrids to stand on two legs as is shown in the photos. But will this happen if the new Indominus hybrid happens to win the vote? Let’s analyse this, and which hybrids and game mechanics you should vote for, if you somehow haven’t yet.

Features: Creature Timers, Dart Upgrades, Drone Upgrades, Player Stats, Creature Tracker

most of these should have been in the game long ago. all of these seem to be under discussion so even if something sounds good to vote for it may come out worse or even better.

Creature Timers: tell you when a dinosaur despawns. This is straightforward, excellent feature for anxiety and probably easy to code in.

Dart Upgrades: Different types of Darts with different special effects. This could incentivise players to spin Supply Drops more, however they could be rather rare and more tricky to use.

Drone Upgrades: a way to personalise every player’s darting gameplay, however only one upgrade can be used at a time. I think to have we should be able to mix and match, though.

Player stats: Useful for Alliances, and to see how far you’ve come.

Creature Tracker: Shows you where a certain dinosaur is, with distance and the time before it despawns. A good alternative to the Creature Timers, however it can only track one, and more have to be unlocked.

The image shows that more slots could be unlocked for in-game currency, which is a good sign you could track a fair different few without spending real money. You can see that the first few can be unlocked with coins, which I appreciate. Hopefully it isn’t too expensive.

Interestingly there is a crocodile thing I’e never seen before beside Dimetrodon. A possible leak? Then again the Trykosaurus is level 5. My best guess is Metriorhynchus due to its long and thin jaws.

Creatures: Compsoscorpius, Geminideus, Indonemys, Keratolania, Monolocevia

It has been confirmed that all these creatures will be Apex. So consider this: Either you will be using them, or you will be fighting against them. And there are a bunch I definitely do not want to fight against, and a bunch that could destroy the fanbase. All of them look cool, but which would be the best two? you decide, and we’ll find out if Indonemys is another four-legged troll.

They look like they’ve seen better days. But note: they have quills running down their back. It’s therefore no surprise that this Flock could have a Quill ability. I don’t want to fight a Flock with a Quill ability, especially if it’s Toxic Quills. No thank you. It is, however, one of the easier hybrids to make. It is more than likely a swap-in creature. It ALSO more than likely has speed decrease immunity, or at least a resistance, considering both its hybrid components have that immunity.

Its Resilient class could be misleading if it has a Definite Shield Advantage, which could make it more of a Fierce-Resilient. One of the best choices, finally putting one of the forgotten Nodopatosaurus hybrids into the spotlight for once. A beautiful creature with a beautiful name, with spikes running down its back, likely coming with many useful resistances. However that remains to be seen considering Stegodeus doesn’t have any. Also hopefully one of the more balanced ones, considering the wide choices of new Fierce creatures, maybe it can be taken down by even underleveled bleeders and renders.

The one you’ve all been waiting for. I will not deny that it is beautiful. HOWEVER. look at its feet.

what do you notice? One claw, much larger than the others…like Indotaurus. And Indoraptor.

If this is another Indoraptor animation user I will be quite certain that JWA’s fanbase will spontaneously combust. Again. Ah well. It’s been in flames for a long time anyway.

Interestingly, this would be a Fierce-Cunning, meaning it may not retain any Shielding moves. It could have high Armour, considering its hybrid component and the scales running down its back. It will most likely have cloak, useful resistances from both parents, and Distraction capabilities. Doesn’t seem very exciting to me, and we certainly don’t need more Indominus (and Carnotaurus) hybrids. Someone else pointed this out- Carbonemys is already used in Arctovasilas.


I’ve seen someone say they don’t want more mammals. However this looks like one of the better choices to me. It looks fantastic with its scales and the many tusks coming out of it. It should do its Fierce-Resilient job better than Ardentismaxima. It will definitely have Ferocious abilities, high Armour and decent resistances. It could be a tough one to crack without counters, however like Geminideus it could be more balanced, falling to most Fierce, but not without dealing some rough damage. Hopefully they don’t go overboard with this. It also reminds me of the rhino from the first Fantastic Beasts movie. It is also one of the easier ones to create if you didn’t blow all your Rhino DNA on Monolorhino (which is a great name.) The point of Apexes is to be very strong- yet don’t choose one that’ll be overpowered. I’m still trying to figure out how to counter Hydra Boa.


Both Legendary sail-backed proto-mammals converge into probably the worst one. Writers from Gamepress has explicitly and constantly labelled Albertocevia as the strongest creature in all of JWA, which is the first red flag when you see this thing. I don’t like its weird horns, and the design isn’t very creative. Monolometrodon looks better than this. It also happens to be a Wildcard, which could mean literally anything. It could be utterly unpredictable and terrifyingly overpowered, considering both components’ great resistances and movepools. It could be a swapper. A nullifier. An Instant attack user. Precise attacks. Revenge. Devour. Counter-Attacks. Attacking all opponents at once. Ferocity. Resistant to everything you throw at it. What could you do against such a menace? Also we don’t need more Albertosaurus hybrids. Wildcard as a Class is so incredibly vague that we would have no idea what we’re up against if this were to be put in the game. maybe don’t vote for this.

So which are the best? You decide. It is your opinion that matters, and this piece is only mine. Maybe I can help sway you from a poor decision, or you can tell me why I’m wrong. Personally I chose Drone Upgrades, Geminideus, and Keratolania. Hopefully we’ll be happy with what we get. I miss Ankyloceratops.

So always remember: When voting for an Indominus hybrid- be Cautious.


Also: (new info:


I really hope they add all of them at some point or another… Maybe introduce another every few updates or something

Like they give us whichever we voted for this update then maybe 2.20 or 3.0 (Whichever comes first) they make us vote again

My opinions on all of the apex hybrids:

Compsoscorpius: A unique + unique hybrid is something we don’t need, let alone on the flock. The worst part is that this will be one of the easier of the apexes to unlock. The design is also hideous.

Geminideus: This is an easy pick. Good design, and love to 2 hybrids that haven’t been in the spotlight in ages. Even though it requires 6 ingredients, more than any other hybrid in the game, I’m not using a single one of those ingredients on other creatures in my team. I’ll be genuinely upset if this doesn’t get added.

Indonemys: I wouldn’t be surprised if this gets added because of how many people go “more movie hybrid = better”. Six Indominus creatures is more than enough, and this is my far the most boring design wise. It’s just an armored Indom with fur, and it doesn’t even have Smilodon fangs. At least Indotaurus benefitted the game my adding an actually good pure fierce, Indomemys is just there for the Indom fans.

Keratolania: Not bad, but not good. I wouldn’t mind it being added, but I don’t really care for it.

Monolocevia: This is the other creature I voted for. There are people that don’t want to grind for Albertosaurus DNA and people that don’t like its design, which I get, but why do people think it’s gonna be broken? It is, but no one realizes that literally every option is gonna be overpowered. The strength of a creature’s ingredients never affect how good the hybrid is, and Ludia has to make these the best creatures in the game if they want to make maximum profit from them. Balance is not a factor in this poll and no one realizes it. I chose Monolocevia because I like the design and want to use it on my team, as I’m starting to level up Albertocevia and Monolometrodon is super easy to invest in.


I personally went with Keratolania and Geminideus becuase for one I once used Mammolania and Stegodeus, which was a major of my team before, and because they would seem to be the most balanced out of them all. I also really like the designs of them.


good opinions. however i feel like balance should be a factor, considering the amount of people who no longer find the game fun and are playing less due to the number of overpowered creatures on top of other problems. to be fair, no one knows what these are gonna be like. but guessing from its hybrid components Monolocevia, and to a certain extent Keratolania, don’t look good. At least most of the boss Apexes have- or had- obvious hard counters, and even brought nonhybrid creatures back into the spotlight for a while.

Nice points

Here is Geminideus if you need it


That silhouette is unfortunately old. That was shown last year at some point

Also personally, 999 bucks for more tracker slots is too much, 49, 49, 99, and 99 are much more reasonable

hopefully it’s just a randomly generated number of bucks for the show to be fixed properly if implemented, like with lvl 5 tryko, though I sadly wouldn’t be too shocked if it stayed as it is

yeah… but given how most of the stuff in JWTG costs a set number of bucks…

It’s most likely just a placeholder

If indoneyms wins hopefully it won’t get the indoraptor animation

Great eye with the croc. It’s possibly deinosuchus bc skull shape and everyone has been asking for it forever :joy:

I don’t think it’s deinosuchus considering it’s snout is much to long. Could be prionosuchus. Also do we have that bird badge already or is it a new one

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Yeah but unlike with Indotaurus, it doesn’t goe into a sickle claw

Ironically, as it turns out, Mammolania is one of the best counters to Hydra Boa.


Same goes for purro and purrut’s concepts. Sickle claws both rested into the ground for some reason. Honestly dont want this thing to win solely bc its an indot reskin, who is also a purrut reskin


Youre probably right. That or teleosaurus

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We’ll see. Also is that bird badge already in game or is it a new one