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[Analysis] Most Popular Dinos Used by the Top 20 Players

Knowing that the 2.1 update was going to nerf Ardentismaxima and that it was used by all the players in the top 20, I did a before and after view of the dinosaurs that these players have in their teams.

It makes for interesting viewing and I have put my findings (along with a chart view of the dinosaurs’ popularity) in the video below:

YOUTUBE: The BEST dinosaurs for your teams as used by the Top 20 Players

This information could be really useful to players, especially in light of the forthcoming Boost Shuffle Event.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated (as are subscribers :slightly_smiling_face:).


This took a lot of time and effort! Great video! Thank you for putting it together and sharing!

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Many thanks for the kind words. It was definitely a labour of love and something I’d like to do whenever there is a significant change to the game.