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Analysis of Indoraptor gen 2


-probably the only good dino that makes evasive work thanks to cautious strike providing that, as well as a distraction debuff, so itll be taking less damage either way

-destroys tryko thanks to being immune to distraction

-obliterates Erlidominus and many fast creatures due to cautious strike giving it a 10% speed boost, then using definite rampage afterwards. Due to it being immune to distraction, it will likely counter the newly buffed (and likely tyrant) procerathomimus

-kills bleeders since cautious strike cleanses

-un-stunnable since it’s immune to stuns, so it can likely kill thor too

-cautious strike looks like it’s gonna be a problem for so many things


-vulnerable to being slowed, so itll have a hard time against geminititian and ardentismaxima

-the universal vulnerability to rat (unless youre a tiger-dino or a turtle)

-can get outsped by minimal speedup strike if the erlidominus or erlilospyx uses that first

Overall: this thing may very well have a chance at being a tyrant since it can kill so many things with cautious strike’s assistance. 100% going on my team


Cautious strike just way too OP for a basic move. But I like it, when i’m not against it ofc

I see it as op because it cleanses too. If they get rid of cleanse on it, then bleeders have a chance at it

Yeah its basically 3 in 1. Cleansing strike, distract, and evasive strike

It also speeds up too :smiley:

5 in 1. cleanse, speed up, distract, evade and cause damage.

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One factor we still have to see is its speed

Not sure that “obliterates Erlido” is accurate… Erlido can use speed up first like you said and still be faster, then it will depend on Indo2 dodging or not… Or even a Rampage crit at turn 1, Erlido wins probably… unless Indo2 HP is higher than the other Indo

Spyx has no chance when getting distracted in turn 1. As long as indo’s HP higher than 3375 it won’t get bled to death anyway.

Spyx will destroy Indo2 if I’m not mistaken… But the fact that it can beat Thor is awesome

Spyx can’t win.
Scenario 1: spyx–speed up, indo–cautious strike; no matter what spyx do turn 2, it’s damage is halved. Indo will take it out no stress. (And like I said, if indo’s HP below 3375 it’d be a draw, which likely will not get below 3600 in my guess)
Scenario 2: spyx–rampage, indo–cautious strike; spyx won’t get to touch indo next turn.
Basically cautious strike is too OP.


In fact, I guess it’d be 3750. Fall exactly to that rampage+crit of spyx.

Oh yeah, forgot about the distraction… damn move needs a freaking essay to explain… Well, it’s up to Erlido then x)

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all i care about is… is it good for procera…

Since it has 1500 base damage and stun immunity it will be a decent rat finisher as well. If you play it against the rat after its out the rat will need to regen immediately to avoid being killed, but then the next creature will be fighting a speed boosted indoG2 with it’s rampage ready. If you predicted the rat was going to regen then you could punish it even more by using mutual fury instead, now you have to fight it with a damage buff as well.

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It is really good against Procera. Cautious Strike allows it to outspeed procera first turn, then maul it next turn with Definite Rampage. Since it also is immune to distraction, instant distraction will not save procera


we don’t have hp, attack and speed info yet, do we?


They are basically “forcing” us to put tanks with decelerating and nullifying attacks in our team to counter it.

Not as OP as proceratomimus,100% in my team aswell

I’m beginning to think that they gave Yoshi 3.9k hp on purpose. Considering Indo G2 mauls it. I need to get to lvl 13 to put blue in sanctuaries, and I’m definitely putting it in my team. Even indom G2 and regular indom might find a way into the team, since I plan on removing Allosino