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Analyzing Features Survey

Hello everyone, sorry I’m a bit late to the party but better late than never?

I had a chance to put some thought into the survey into my own words, and hopefully, it can help shed some light in terms of value/strategy for each of the survey components.

Creature Markers - allows you to add colorful tags (up to 6 colors) for your dinos. With this, you have extra visual aides to help identify dinos you like to use in tourney, hunt, grow/fuse, etc.

Value: It’s helpful and adds personal organization in addition to the default options currently present.

Sanctuary Caring bonus - Sanctuary builders get extra DNA! However, this may increase the desire to start using personal sancs, but the net result is still less DNA than using high-level CoOp sanctuaries. The change in return DNA after 48hrs has not changed from the 1:3:9 ratio, but it’s reduced in value. When paying close attention to details, it appears the below are the changes:

Old System:
After 48hrs upon return of dinos, you received 5, 15, 45 for epic, rare, and common respectively.

New system:
After 48hrs, you will receive a new default of 2 (epic), 6 (rare), 18 (common) or if you want to look at it, a per-day gain, 1, 3, 9.
You can get bonus DNA for other folks interacting, but there is a maximum

  • Epic will have a max of ?? DNA bonus with a guess of 1 per care received
  • Rare will have a max of 100 DNA bonus (as seen in the image). Unsure of how many care items to reach this max value, but a guess would be 5 per care?
  • Common may have a max of 500 DNA bonus? Image shows 450 bonus was received for 18 cares, so that is 25 per care

What does this mean?
Although it may benefit those players without alliances in CoOps to use this new feature to gain more DNA, those already in a CoOp participating alliance will find the return from using CoOps level 20 sancs still exceeds the lower level sanctuaries with the caring bonus. Recall that using level 20 sanctuaries, you can get the following amount of DNA per day:

114 epic per day
324 rare per day (proposed feature will get you 106 rare DNA max after 48hrs, so that’s 53 Rare DNA per day)
954 common per day

One considerable change is the care done by players will be viewable, which means that those strategic teams that always ask who is wasting away sanctuary tools for less DNA can be identified. A simple review will allow strategists to locate/identify individuals that turn level 1 sancs to 2+ (uh oh?).

Value: More DNA for the casuals!

New Tournaments - more modified tourneys will be available instead of the typical/current rarity of the dino. This means further exclusion/inclusion based on the abilities/classes of the dinos

Value: More is better? Depends on the course of the scoring system that is currently a hot discussion but a valid and simple solution has been suggested here: Simple Trophy / Tournament Solution / Favors More T9 Teams

Shared Sanctuary Naming / Sanctuary Care Stats - the naming of sanctuaries would be possible. It is less confusing for those who have a hard time remembering which dino is in which sanctuary when your alliance has more than one awesome Level 20 sanctuary being utilized. Now you can always locate quickly with some organization/naming hierarchy. This will impact only your own alliance sanctuary view.

Sanctuary Care Stats is a huge plus for strategists who constantly try to optimize build and apply the best dinos. Now you get to view the number of interactions for each creature in any sanctuary. This will tell you which dinos are truly the favorites, and it is possible to compare these with votes to see if the builders are applying the best strategy in terms of prioritizing the dinos or if the votes become stale. Further, it will identify which teammates are wasting away sanctuary tools on lower-level sanctuaries and receiving less DNA on return so you can educate them on the value of higher DNA returns from those larger sanctuaries.

Value: Knowledge is power and favors strategic teams over casual

Alliance Mission Leaderboard - a double edge feature! A careful decision must be made on who/which roles in the alliance have access to this view, as the feature can be a negative or positive thing. Some teammates may find it to be encouraging, while others may find it discouraging. While most top tile chasers like to see how they performed over their runner uppers, the overall leaderboard may put some folks near the bottom in the spotlight, and that attention may lead to negative outcomes. However, recruiting will become a bit easier with such profile ranking, I presume.

Value: Great powers come with great responsibility?

Radar Avatars
Sounds like a new type of scent but better? New ways to hunt specific rarity/dinos?

Value: This sounds like a huge plus all around

Hopefully that puts some new insight for you if you didn’t already noticed the above but wanted to put my own words and twists on how these features can be applied in both positive/negative ways.

Hunt on fellow DPGs,


My take on the Sanctuary care bonus is that it’ll make strategic teams and coops more elite.
Those alliances who communicate effectively with members will have a big advantage.
Which will widen the gap between them and the casual teams.

Shouldn’t alliances who communicate more effectively have an advantage though? In every game I have played where there are alliances or groups you can join (literally even the casino games), you can search by “type”. Casual and Competitive are 2 different types and have different requirements. I understand there are a lot of casual-type alliances in JWA, but the “competitive” alliances are competitive for a reason. They put a lot of time and effort into this game and that includes sanctuary management.

Casual alliances aren’t meant to be competitive and most of them don’t even want to. They shouldn’t get all of the same things that alliances that actually communicate more and spend more time and effort on these types of things. Players and alliances need to feel like they are actually being rewarded for the efforts they put in.


Isn’t that the whole reason why they exist tho. I’m kinda casual and I have great communication with my alliance still. It’s not that hard

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