Analyzing The Top 50 Teams After 2.14

After the huge meta shakeup that was 2.14, as well as the general powercreep that’s been occurring for months, I wanted to take a look at the PVP teams of the top 50 JWA players.

The always reliable Scorpios Rex Gen 3is found on 47 of the 50 teams (94%), making it the most used creature by the top 50 players. With a swap that allows it to take only 1/6 of a hit, one of the best moves in the game in Toxic Quills, good resistances, and a rampage to back it up, Scorp can reliably deal with both tanks and chompers.

Another staple is Indotaurus, the powerful cloaked chomper. Used on 45 teams (90%), this unique Fierce is equipped with vulnerability, a revenge cloak, and a 33% rending counter. Also, its Cleansing Rampage makes Distraction futile against it, allowing it to deal fairly well with Cunnings. Add in a large pool of health and a hefty 1600 damage, and you get a powerhouse Fierce that will never do nothing.

One of the newer creatures on this list, Parasauthops has seen a steady rise in popularity as it has gradually replaced Monolorhino as the swapper of choice for top players. Used by 44 teams (88%), this swapper has a group basic move, a Shattering swap in move, and a resilient rampage that acts as a group move on Revenge. And with a Counter Power Heal and two great Healing moves, it’sa pain to kill.

The newest creature on this list, the recently released tank Ankylos Lux is used by 41 teams (82%). With loads of shields, slowing, and vulnerability, as well as some great immunities like Distraction and Pin, the only thing that holds back Ankylos Lux from being all-powerful is its weakness to Stuns.

Probably the best creature in the game, the bear king Arctovasilas, is used by 39 teams (78%). It’s equipped with a totally unique moveset, with an insane basic Strike, a 3X multiplier, and loads of other features, like Heal, Stun, Slow, Shields, Ferocity, and Vulnerability.
This monster is by far the hardest creature to get in the game, but with more and more players getting it to level 30, it’s quickly becoming a dominant arena force.

The first apex ever introduced, the newly buffed Mortem Rex , used on 34 teams (68%), has seen a massive increase in popularity with the buff to its health and resistances, as well as the addition of Priority to Roar, allowing it to perform better against Cunnings. Since many top players already had nitro Mortems, it was very easy for them to reintroduce them to their teams, and it looks like Morty is once again a force to be reckoned with.

Skoonasaurus has been a staple of the top arenas for a long time, but, despite actually getting a not-needed buff in 2.14, Skoona numbers are on the decline to make way for newly buffed creatures like Albertospinos and many of the raid apexes. It’s still used by 34 of the top 50 teams (68%), a respectable number. However the introduction of Albertospinos was bad news, the buff to Mortem didn’t help either, and Imperatosuchus looks like a death sentence for any Skoona. Despite that, Skoona is still one of the most powerful creatures in the game and can deal with almost any opponent.

The powerful bleeder Albertospinos, since its big buff, has become more and more popular in the arena, currently used by 24 teams (48%). With great matchups with Skoonasaurus, Ankylos Lux, and even the mighty Arctovasilas, this spinosaur has good stats and resistances, and a powerful moveset.

Probably now the best Cunning in the game, Refrenantem has had a massive rise in popularity after 2.14, now being used on 21 of the top 50 teams (42%). With insane resistances, incredible health and good attack and speed, as well as a good turn one and great matchups with top meta creatures like Indotaurus and Scorpios Rex Gen 3.

Spinoconstrictor, while still a great creature, has recieved an indirect nerf. With the nerf to Phorurex and buffs to creatures like Refrenantem and Hydra Boa, there is less of a need for Spinoconstrictor, which functioned mainly as a counter to Phorurex and Scorp. Spinoconstrictor is still an incredibly good creature, used by 14 of the top 50 teams (28%), but it’s likely that more and more players will start replacing Spinocon once they find something even better.

Unlike Spinoconstrictor, Hydra Boa numbers are on the rise. Currently, only 13 (26%) of the top players are using it, but after its buff, Hydra Boa numbers are sure to increase. With one of the most unique movesets in the game, Hydra Boa is a very unusual cunning that can actually deal pretty well with some resilients and is armed with the best on escape move in the game.

The once mighty Phorurex, which rivaled Dracoceratops and Indoraptor Gen 2 in terms of hatred, didn’t receive an excessive nerf, but it was enough for top posters to start ditching it. The loss of the swap in move as well as a bit of health and attack has made Phorurex less annoying, but now it’s only used by 10 of the top 50 teams (20%), but, even after the nerf, it’s still the best revenge killer in the game, armed with two massively powerful rampages.

Like Spinoconstrictor, Monolorhino has been powercrept, now only used on 10 teams (20%). While it’s still a great creature with a good moves and great resistances, it’s been mostly replaced by Parasauthops as the swapper of choice.

Currently used by only 6 teams (12%), the hard-hitting Cunning Gorgotrebax has been surpassed by Refrenantem as the best Cunning in game but still is a great creature. With acceleration, dodge, distraction, and nullification, this is a quintessential cunning. Unfortunately it’s not as good as Refrenantem or Hydra Boa, so I’m not sure how many top teams will use trebax.

Surprisingly, 5 of the top players (10%) still use Hadros Lux. While it’s still a great creature, it’s no longer tyrant, and there’s really no point to using it when other tanks like Ankylos Lux and Skoonasaurus just get the job done better.

The once-immortal Testacornibusis now only used by 4 of the top players (8%). The nerf to Counter Power Heal hit it hard, and the buffs to Mortem and Albertospinos were bad news. While it’s no longer top tier, Testa is still a great tank with loads of speed, armor, Heal, and slow. Testa might also start to see more use as a Refrenantem counter.

For all its flaws and counters, the giant croc Grypolyth finds itself on 3 of the top 50 teams (6%). Grypolyth is usually used as an anti-tank. While it has a few advantages over vanilla Fierce, like Heal and Shields, like Hadros Lux, there’s not much point to using Grypolyth when Indotaurus, Mortem, and Albertospinos all get the job done better.

Ceramagnus is now only used by 2 players (4%). Cera is still a good swapper with a priority Strike and a Rampage turn 1, but, after its nerf, many players dropped Cera for Monolorhino.

The dependable wildcard Antarctovenator, the fast anti-flock flock Coelhaast, and the terrifying triangular trio Compsocaulus are each used by only 1 player (2%).


nice work now wheres the massive spreadsheet :stuck_out_tongue: you may want to look at how many rupauls are in there now i can see them making abig comeback


Not complete yet

thats not exscessive…really…you definition and mine vary wildly :stuck_out_tongue:
on the other foot rupaul got a complete makeover and i for one am loving it its huge fun :stuck_out_tongue:

but still great work :stuck_out_tongue: i love these summaries great to see an overview of what people use…more importantly how they set them up some are speed demons others go for bulk not nearly as many.

So Mortem, now used by 48% of the top tier… Is no longer available to the general masses…

This game has fallen of a cliff :confused:


It’s going to be fascinating to see just how much Mortem shakes things up. In fact that ironically maybe a better reason to keep Spinoconstrictor around since Spino’s a decent counter to Mortem, but more importantly it’s a counter to Scorpios Rex Gen 3, especially for players who are lacking in Scorpios’ other counters for the time being.


Thanks a lot for this interesting analysis.

I wish Ludia would do similar researches (or if they do act accordingly) to see which creatures are over represented and adjust them untill a more diverse meta is achieved.


Not finished but will be done soon

i understand every time we have these updates, it takes some time to see people changing teams, because of some factors, i suppose.

  • collect enough dna to take better creatures to team level
  • wait some analysis and content from community about changes
  • decide own strategy and if can pay boost reallocation


i bet those new creatures, ardontognathus and inperatosuchus are not in team only because of not unlocked/upgraded yet.

but 1 creature i expected to see more in this list: refrenantem. if it’s “one of the best” now, why only 42%? i was expecting everybody using, lol. isn’t old enough to people have at max level?

Maybe they don’t have enough boosts

Refrenantem will be on thst list very soon. Start to see it in every 2nd battle. And it is absolutely broken since it got buffed…


Toolbox has been tracking top 50 teams since 2.12. Nice write-up though.


Yup, like mortem, its usage is rising drastically, from <2% in v2.13 to >70% in v2.14.

yep… unfortunate, but true

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not quite, unless people bought incs. It was released last April and typically takes more than a year on average to get max DNA. Been raiding since its release and haven’t missed a single ref raid, and mine only has enough for level 28/29.