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Anatomy of an arena dropper

I’m an arena dropper. I’m sorry that I’m not sorry about it. It’s selfish. Still, not sorry.

How did arena dropping become a thing with me? I got tired of losses.

Get gud, you might say, and you won’t lose so much. Or, you were too high for your team, it’s just gong to take you settling out to your natural level where you’ll win as many as you lose.

Well, I didn’t start playing yesterday. I’ve reached my normal level…so that clearly isn’t it. Compressing the ranks is a cause, but we know when that happens and grudgingly accept our fate.

I believe matchmaking is the cause of arena droppers. Funny that they changed matchmaking because of arena droppers in the first place.

Matchmaking needs to be 100% trophy based. Nothing to do with team strength.

The issue with team strength, and I said it way back when people demanded team strength based matchmaking, is that you get various levels or “leagues” if you will, at the same trophy range.

I’ve noticed, and it’s very evident if you arena drop, there are different levels of teams at the same trophy range. If I have my all unique team in upper Aviary, I’m facing mostly all unique teams. If I switch to level 15 all commons…I’m facing level 20 legendary teams that are in upper Aviary.

What’s the problem, you ask?

It’s the exact scenario a few of us warned about.
You could theoretically be very high ranked with a low level team, never seeing higher level teams at the same trophy level, only being matched with lower leveled teams at high trophy counts.

I believe this is exactly why we aren’t facing equal strength teams, we go from being crushed to getting crushed.

I’m sick of this matchmaking.

I want it 100% trophy based, that’s the only way your team will find it’s natural level.

By the way, it’s fun giving all legendary teams that I would never see with my all unique team a difficult time with my all common level 15 team.

There are different “leagues” if you will, at the same trophy count. These other “leagues” are invisible to you unless you change your team strength.

That’s just not right.


How about reaching 5000+?
Here in libary we fight 100% trophy based.
But i remember the time in 4000 - 4999 range and as you told us, it is a lawless area with weird matchmaking.

You cant change the matchmaking. But you can level your team and try to get in the upper arena. Perhaps you can find your joy back.
Dont lose your focus, we all sitting in the same game.


The problem breaking into library is much higher leveled teams within that same trophy range. It’s a see saw effect, up and down.

It’s such a hot mess below library.

I like that it’s 100% trophy based.

I’ll get there eventually.

The developers really need to change matchmaking back to trophy based.

Edit: Team strength matchmaking was designed to thwart droppers by matching them with like strength teams at the same trophy level. It was believed this would make it harder to drop, and even harder to climb back up.
The results of this system is what we are now experiencing in the form of different level/strength teams at the same trophy count…

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I wish you luck mate.
Patch 1.11 shouldnt be far aswell.
Perhaps ludia will suprise us with a good arena patch.

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How do you think those teams with all/mostly legendaries feel, knocking at the door to the library?

There’s no way they would survive in there, yet…they are at the door.

I sit in the same range in aviary. There are definitely leagues of team strength. At the top end are players dropping out of library and trying to climb back up. Then there is basically everything else. There isn’t necessarily a trophy range for those team strength based matchmaking. It’s not lv 20s are x-y. It’s all over the place. you can have lv 24 unique teams at the same range as lv 20 legendary teams. It’s a hot mess. Boosts also mess that algorithm up.
I’ve made it to library with a lv 20 team. got knocked right back down. I shouldn’t be knocking at the door yet until i get a stronger team.


Thank you for saying that

you’re welcome. But everything you said is true. team strength match making going up to a high arena creates a complete mess. We should go back to trophy based matchmaking for a great majority of the arenas. I say that because i think some lower arenas should be based on a bit of team strength. Only because of the players that are lower than 10 facing players that are lv 10+. It doesn’t even have to be a specific arena. just taking in the cut off level for being able to boost or not into consideration in those lower arenas. (granted not much will be highly boosted due to the level caps) If you discourage those new players that early, the game will eventually die because there aren’t any new players coming in and staying.

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I was floating around at 5500 trophies for a while… so I dropped to 4500 trophies only to start from there to see how far I could climb back up… didn’t drop to stay dropped. And… for me it worked out, I climbed back up to 5800. I see no issues with this even tho a few people will lose battles… from 5700-5800 I was getting matched with people with mainly 5900-6200. At 5800 I finally placed in the top 1k… but had matches vs a few top 500 and even rank 66… it happens.

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I admit I am an arena dropper too. Same reason as you, I just got tired of losing all the time. To me that was a sign that I was at a higher league than I should have been.

Another way matchmaking could be improved would be to put an incentive in for staying in a higher league. Right now there is very little difference in rewards between winning in Gyrosphere vs. Aviary. So why should I beat myself up in a higher league when I can just play around with new teams and have fun at a lower arena?

By league, I mean a combination of team strength and trophy count.

Theoretically you could have a team of all commons in Aviary. They would only see other like teams.

I know, with a mix of team strength/trophy count this doesn’t happen.

But by league, I mean a lower strength team facing mostly lower strength teams in an upper arena. In that same arena are higher strength teams in the same arena, same trophy count.

These two “leagues” will rarely face each other, despite being in the same arena with same trophy count. An alternate universe, if you wish.

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I’m having more fun with my B Team @ 4000, than my A Team @ 5000 :smirk:

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Giving better rewards in battle incubator for higher arenas. This would make arena dropping not worth. Perhaps we wont stop 100% of the droppers but alot of them, at least from what i read in the forum, just dont care about the little more dna they get from upper arenas incubators.
It is just not worth it to fight against good/strong enemies, if the rewards are nearly the same as in lower arenas.

100% trophy is the only way to keep high level dinos away from low level players. Skill also would mean more if we have to play at the same ground as anyone else.

This would also prevent level 20 teams knocking on libary just to get kicked out against full level 25+ unique teams a few moments later.

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That makes sense. I am wondering if the game has enough players now to support effective matchmaking with this type of matching. I would think by using a mix of strength/trophy count to match players, there would need to be a large player base to work. Otherwise, if the criteria were too broad, it would still be a bunch of unbalanced matchups.

I think with the large amount of people quitting because of boosts, bugs, and maps not loading correctly, along with customer support response, the player base may be getting too small for this to work.


Actually I‘m also thinking of dropping. Whenever I level my team (level, not boost) I get matched with way stronger opponents. It‘s so funny how Ludia makes it harder with every update to create and lvl Uniques but also punished u for using and lvlng them.
Currently I‘m in Library. And it sucks. Rats, green rats and Thors everywhere. And every time I get matched with an opponent that is ~ same team lvl as I am I get screwed by RNG.
Just returned from a battle where a frakking green rat critted three frakking times (I have the screenshots), while my Thor or my Tryko did not crit one single time.

I‘m just so tired of it. I refuse to use trash like rats and when I lvl one of my creatures after many weeks of grinding DNA and getting „rewarded“ with 10 fuses, I get matched with lvl 30 teams.

I don‘t battle because of fun. Those times ended when the first rat was introduced.
I only battle for daily missions and alliance missions. When I see the timer I‘m praying everytime that it‘ll run to 0 and let me battle AI.

I waste hours to get my incubators and I am just so sick of it.

So, with every battle I get closer to become a dropper too. Community and „Teamgeist“ don‘t count anymore. Now it‘s just strong against not so strong. The money in the pocket and the amount of times u draw the rats for battle count.

Fine, Ludia. It took u long enough but it looks like u finally made me become one of those that I never liked.

I will not put any rat in my team nor any broken creature. But I think I will also drop.

Just to be able to collect my incubators faster since fun and strategy are already dead here.

Here is the thing, each time a new patch is nearly we say “Maybe it will be fixed in the next patch”…then the patch drops and doesnt fix anything, so we wait for the next one, and the next one.

“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result!” quote Albert Einstein!


You are 100% right.
But i like insanity. I like the hype for a new patch.
I love it since 14 months now.

I know Ludia does a lot of things not the way we want it ( some balance, a few alliance things, bugs, communication, boosts).
But Ludia also improved over the last year.
We have weekly events, map improvements (they try there best), new dinos , super events for holydays, more ways to get coins, rotating spawns (sometimes at least), alliance, dna trading, daily and weekly quests.

We got so much new and exiting things since the start.

Tl:DR -> Ludia is not as bad as some of you might think.

But this is the company that thought 180 speed Thors and Draco were good additions to the game lol

I arena drop, but I do it by making teams that have the same class of dino, like spinos, Raptors, monos, and anything else, I do it with passion, I ain’t that gruesome.

Out if the 20 or so games i currently play. And that includes games made by ea and Activision and those games are on multiple platforms… console, pc, mobile. Ludia is the most greedy incompetent by far… i cant even think of a gaming company ive experienced that i could even put in the same category as Ludia.

Im more optimistic about Ea ability to fix anthem then Ludia ability to fix this game. Atleast ea has had a few successful resurrections… all Ludias games suffer the same issues.

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