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Ancient Super Crocs & T-Rex’s Missing a certain Rarity?

I’ve been wondering this for quite awhile now & was hoping to inquire about it from fellow players as well as from the super elusive Ludia Devs as to why this happened & if we are ever going to be able to look forward to seeing any of these in the near future by chance please? My question is this. “Why is it that we were given 2 {Commons}, 1 {Rare}, 2 {Epic’s}, & 1 {Unique} Ancient Super Mega Crocs but never given any {Legendaries} before acquiring the {Unique Grypolyth}?? Same question for the T-Rex’s, we got 1 {Rare}, & now currently 2 {Epic’s} T-Rex’s with this newest addition being the {Epic} Mortem Rex & 1 {Legendary} T-Rex(ish). Why no love by giving us a newly created {Unique} T-Rex?? Why did you skip past/or none at all concerning these two dinos distinctive rarity types?!?!? :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::thinking::thinking:

I’ve wondered about the crocs myself, since I was looking for Legendary No Escape users and Grylenken was the only one (now Spinotasuchus has it too).

As for the large Theropod Uniques, we already have Trykosaurus and Thoradolosaur.


Mortem isn’t an Epic either, it’s it’s own rarity. Apex. Hopefully we will get more interesting designed Apex creatures in the future


@Qaw [Here are all the creatures that I have found that all have “No Escape” some of which you might not have known about.] PART 1​:wink::+1:t2::sweat_smile::hugs::handshake::handshake::100:

[Part 2 for ya!] :wink::+1:t2::100::handshake:

I know they have No Escape, I was talking about Legendaries. Grylenken was the only one in 1.14, and in 2.0, Spinotasuchus has it too, but there’s still no Legendary crocs.
Unless the post isn’t directed at me, in which case, nevermind.

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Sacrorixis should be a legendary… but back in 1.3 the Ludia hadnt yet sold themselves on two commons making a legendary so they made it an epic.

Now ive been a way for a bit so maybe they have added something else im not thinking of, but for the longest time sarcorixis was the only superhybrid epic.

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Gryposuchus & Sarcorxis are the only 2 epic gators I know of.

No it was meant for you @Qaw I just didn’t know that you already knew that only “those specific flyers & both those Spinosaurus” also had “No Escape” which I find extremely bizarre that the Epic Gen 2 Spinosaurus has “No Escape” but it’sLegendary Spinonyx kid doesn’t but Spintosuchus would tho. Makes no sense to me personally. Also why DO those flyers even have an ability that is specifically for the gators & now I guess the Spinosaurus??

I remember who I was forgetting in the epic super hybrid, thyla lol.

Which also helps show how inconsistent Ludia is when you considering rarities for hybrids.

Both thyla and sarco are epic super hybrids made of a common and a rare hybrid.

Then you have something like dracocera that’s a legendary made up of two commons and that legendary is then fused with a rare to make a unique. Monole is also a legendary that is Made of two common.

Only in Ludias world does math work like this…

Common + rare hybrid = epic super hybrid
Rare hybrid + rare creature = epic super hybrid
Common + common = legendary hybrid + rare = unique

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um there is 2 rex legendaries, indom, and tyrannoloph, and there is tryko for uniques and somewhat for thor.

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Indominus isn’t the second legendary rex - it’s Allosinosaurus

well then. technicly there is 2 and a half then.

It isn’t really math though. You aren’t adding rarities, all you’re adding is approximate DNA value. That’s why you need 50 Epic for a Legendary fuse, 200 Rare, and 500 Common.