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And again......Lose to CA and Dominate and HIGH levels

Guys – do the developers see this?

Played 10 games PVP- I am down to 980 pvp score.

Even so I faced ALL level 12+ in 5 of those games

3 Games were level 10 and 11

And two games were level 9/10 – Which is my level. I will not even go into their abilities but I am destroyed by their level alone! I did win both games with equal level players!!

Why is this level imbalance allowed and who can I officially fuss to about it? Besides forums???

Now I was ONE HIT COUNTER ATTACK - ALL 4 OF MY GUYS KILLED!!! My score is unde 1k!!!

What the heck?? Tomus hasa flaming sword of some kind that hits all in a zone? Really ---- one hit and I lost???

If it makes you feel better that fire sword is the final bit of cheese Tommus gets. He’s broken as hill get out, but once you can deal with the sword he really stops being the monster he is pretty much all the time until then.


I still am looking for a way to beat Taunt/Counter Attack – Dominate —Being pushed back to last row – He advances and holds me there…and I burn to death?

Really, is there a defense for that tactic other than to buy gear? Or just let game run out when that happens??

Never mind…I am done with pvp for a bit. Fiz (somthing)with a score of 1120 just went up against me. I did not know people could get as high as level 17.

Even I am laughing so much I can’t be mad. PVP is really broken imho.

See you all in a few levels or when I spend a few dollars. :slight_smile:

Don’t waste money on this. We had a thread a few weeks ago where a guy was whining how he had spent $3000-$4000 and still didn’t dominate PvP. PvP isn’t rigged, but it is set up to intensely encourage people to spend money.

Don’t worry about PvP. In time F2P can reach the final level of PvP, but I advocate just looking it as a way to get some gold.

Anyways play Explore and Challenges to gain XP. If you don’t like that just stop playing. There’s no point wasting money on this. At this point in the game’s life cycle you pretty much have to buy your way to the top if you want to be in the very top of PvP.

Restore negates dominate/being held in place, but you have to have the right gear on the right character and actually have that character brought to the match, which doesn’t always happen. If you stun somebody with counter attack, they can’t retaliate… But there’s not much else I’ve found that will do anything.

Regarding the levels you will always face bots a few levels higher than your heroes but that makes sense because you have human logic on your side and they have to follow a script. That said…

The Fighter is a real pain to deal with no questions asked. Even though he Wizard and Ranger are overall more powerful and more likely to kill your whole party in 1 or 2 shots, if I see the Fighter he is my main concern. The most effective I’ve found is the Warlock making him Immobile but you have to play around the Cleric if he can Restore. If I have my Ranger I use the -50% AC on the Fighter and try to hit him from range but short window to kill him before he counter attacks. Dominate helps but he seems to resist a lot and also you have to deal him damage while he is dominated so he doesn’t come out of it full health and beat you anyway.

Happy Fighting!


Lee_Maker, these severe mismatches seem to be an unfortunate side-effect of Test of Might matching mechanics. Many higher ranked players have effectively lowered their trophy counts to face weaker opponents in Test of Might. It benefits them but is unfortunate for others.

Ludia has previously been notified of this concern via in-game Help and Support.