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And as expected, dodges are too OP now!

I hate to be the one to complain so soon, but geez… Just had a few battles where my Indo and my Erlido destroyed everything because they kept dodging. I even felt bad about it, and I can see myself raging when it happens to me. Now I’m betting it’s gonna be even worse than before the nerf, when it didn’t get any damage!


I can only imagine facing a strong IndoG2 now…

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Happened to me too. I used my level 19 Indo Gen 2 and kept dodging and destroying the opponents team because dodge was working really well.

75% is absurd for a 3 turn move and Cloak that does x2 damage… Don’t know what the hell players were thinking if most really voted for this…

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So Orion will be great for this? At work can’t see it all oof

Yes, probably… it can enjoy this broken dodges itself and nullify the opponent’s

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Bring in the Elikospyx with enough speed and attack and the dodge won’t be as much of a problem. The thing is that at least Erlidom needs dodge to survive now that it has to sacrifice a lot of HP for speed and attack.

Worried about procerat

And enough health, or it will be one shot by rats…

The problem is RNG is OP now. I already had several battles in which my indoraptor dodged 0/3 or 1/3 whereas my opponent’s dodged 3/3 turning a battle that I had completely under control and theoretically won into a dramatic and unfair loss.

That was the reason to change dodges in the first place, they fixed it in a way and now reverted it back to a worse problem…


Dodges needed to be better and this is better. At least in my opinion.


Make all dodges 100%. reduce duration of stance to 2 turns and RNG problem solved. Do not let room for so much randomness in a competitive game. That’s a massive flaw of design…

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I had four battles with Indoraptor and out of twelve dodges, it only failed once. One of the Evasive Stances was against a boosted Thor that missed all three moves and my Indo was still alive and won (and I laughed, because freaking Thors deserve that, but I can’t deny it’s BS)… Dodges needed to be better than they were, yes, but not THIS better!

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Dodge is fine as a whole. Evasive stance and cloak are ridiculous though.

Mine still get hit every time. :laughing:
My dodge is really 25%.

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That surely gonna change, you’ll see

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My evade and cloak never works so this will be an interesting change might be able to dodge once per match now. Before it was just a waste of a turn

I don’t know. I’ve always had terrible rng with cloak/evasive. Even in the days it could dodge 100% damage. 1 out of 5 dodges would actually dodge.

Really,the dodges are very powerful


It was 50% chance… Now it’s 75%… That’s a HUGE difference. Average of 3 out of 4 dodges…