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And For Finish This Non-Hybrid Block, Thylacosmilus!


Its a mix of Smildon and Marsupial Lion. It looks pretty good, and rending takedown makes up for the low damage.

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It isn’t. Thylacosmilus is a different species

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He meant its moveset is a mix of M.Lion and Smilodon

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Oops, my bad

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Yes, I did mean the moveset. Sorry if that was confusing. I have 2 myself in JWTG, and they are some of my best cenozoics.

Prowl would have to be the basic move, but that looks great

Precise Pounce could technically be basic move, due to it having no delay, but I see what you are getting at with prowl having no cooldown.

Really, I only just got indominus in that game and I’ve been playing for like a year. That game is hard.