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And if the scaphognathus had a hybrid:

Many dinosaurs do not yet have a hybrid.
And I know that there are people who really like these dinosaurs without hybrids, that nobody knows when Ludia will give them a hybrid.
I see a lot of potential in dinosaurs without hybrids, and as I am an amateur designer, I decided to make a crazy mix with these curious reptiles with pencil and paper.
This is my first hybrid that I created, the combination of scaphognathus and ophiacodon:

I’m really bad at coloring, yes …
I’ll leave it here for anyone who wants to download and who knows how to venture into coloring. xD
Tell me what you think, if many people like it, the next to gain a hybrid will be our friend Shunosaur. xD


This is my version of Scaphognuthus hybrid ; Scaphostega (Scaphognathus + Acanthostega) . Einiogyrinus and Scaphostega

Ok , I am not a designer , and that’s why it looks less professional than your creature. @Lucas_Paulino your hybrid idea is great . What do you think about mine Scaphognathus hybrid idea ?

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I loved your drawing, we are all artists and professionals, the difference only exists in training!
I think Ludia is wasting time with her concept artists instead of using us haha.
But I liked the idea, your hybrid has potential.
if i used acanthostega, i would fuse it with lythronax to create a demonic ostapossauro 2.0 xD

Edit:(The message gave a sinister bug now * 0 *)

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I love it! (ten)

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