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And my Kangaroo(Alice/Eve) has flown back

Now hoping she can jump into my heart

I was bummed that there wasn’t an option for me to accept her ticket to Australia.

Also, a kiwi is a nickname for a New Zealander. Alice/Eve is Australian

Well I was trying to be creative since Kanga(roo) is kinda cheesy but oh well

I see what you were trying to do, but unfortunately, it fell a bit flat. I call her my Aussie Queen.

Also, the Kiwi is a flightless bird :crazy_face:

Well she did fly a lot before coming back home and having the mc chase her around the world. Something Noah should have learned from.

It’s also a fruit. :kiwi_fruit:

Kookaburra. ’And my Kookaburra (Alice/Eve) has flown back’ would be a great title, as Kookaburra are native to Australia.

What did everyone think of the pic she sent? Rather spicy! :fire::hot_pepper::hot_face:

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I had better not say what I think of it, I’ll get banned from this forum again :fire::fire::fire::fire::crazy_face:

Lets just say I would need ice water to cool her down

After seeing that photo, I hope there’s more where that came from, even if it means I have to take a looooong cold shower after every time I look at it. :crazy_face:

Just went on the date with her. The yacht trip. I’m not complaining, but who wears stockings and suspenders under jeans? :laughing:

Not sure why there was no kissing though. If I had seen my boo in all that time I’d have jumped her bones right there in the street :laughing:.

It is a bit weird that she wears stockings and suspenders under jeans, but it’s weirder is that she went swimming in them. Also, I’m bummed there was no kissing too. Also, it seemed kind of short and rushed to me.

That was odd I have to say I’d be all over Alice/Eve, now it’s waiting again to see which person randomly shows up and when. Last week we randomly had Blake and Adam return. Who knows who’s next Daniel, William, Angel, Samantha, Jasmin or ugh Sheng and Stefan. Maybe an unreleased character who knows