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And now for the bugs

Huge lag during battles (especially at the end animation).
Huge lag while fusing.
DNA for fusing not corresponding to what they should be.
Game crashed while scrolling down to see Thylacotator’s attack list.

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Battle bug - bottom dino team speed arrows are wrong (fast dinosaurs have no arrow, slower ones do)

A minor bug, but when I fused for a few of the new hybrids it showed their shadows moving and making the motions even though they’re suppose to be unmoving before creation.

Received a 3hr incubator but at first it looked like a 12hr.

This one isn’t fusing even with enough dna.


I have that bug too, just tried to make it now.


Hey Dithera, could you try restarting your game?


When running a small common scent in a park I got only local spawns. That’ll make it difficult to do park hunts :frowning_face:

It got Ludiad. “We’ll fix park spawns. Now everyone gets locals in parks!”

VIP not working since the upgrade, reduced drone distance and VIP offered in the store

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I’m sorry to hear that, @Mciw. Could you reach out to our support team here at with your support key so our team can assist you further with this? Thanks!

Shows 2000 each of boosts. I wish that was the case.


Same @Mciw

So disappointed with Ludia again :pensive:

My Vip isnt working either…not used to such short distances for the area…

I restarted and got this. The fuse level looks off, should be 100 for epic 11 based on the others. :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m seeing the same thing here.

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I created the new Bird with maisaura and it’s says 500 per fusion i lose a lot of dna

Also here in campaign mode: my Diplo didn’t hit this strong but the numbers are off.

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Hey Dithera, Epic Hybrids should take 150 DNA to unlock.

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