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And she's back again

Eveline/Jade taking us camping

I’m so jaded by Ludia’s constant and blatant disregard for the female characters that I don’t care as much as I should. :cry:

It’s a small victory that I’ll take

I don’t like being negative, but to me, it’s a victory so small that it doesn’t really feel like a victory at all

At this point I’m happy with any female content

Jade is awesome and all but I am very much annoyed that she has been the ONLY female updated for the last several months. I wouldn’t mind seeing an update for Ingrid at this point.

There also was Fei and I do wish to see someone like Susan, Felicia return soon

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Felicia and Susan are great, but other female characters should return before they do, i.e. Clementine. Dahlia, Angel, Samantha etc.


And we can sit here and want this character or that character to return when it’s up to the writers to update that character or not

The job of any good game dev is to make a good game that as many people as possible enjoy, so we need to continually remind them who we want to return so they can write those stories so people can enjoy the game. And if they can do that, then they’re not very good at their job

And we have but it’s at the point they don’t care so I have stopped

I’ve pretty much given up all hope, but there’s a tiny ember of hope still there, and all Ludia has to do is add the right amount of oxygen, and it’ll BURST INTO FLAMES! :fire::fire::fire:


Speaking of fire that cliffhanger, don’t they know better to harass MY camgiirl

I wouldn’t know about that cliffhanger. I haven’t touched Lovelink since her last update. :frowning_face:

I wont ruin it for you but man oh man

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I just got to that part… What!?!. :exploding_head:

It gets a satisfying ending then another pause, I really think Eveline/Jade could be the first finished female

Second. Nina is the first. Unless you meant first finished of 2022

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I didnt mention Nina because she was a late addition to an already finished story and not just a counterpart but the first sole female character to be finished

That makes sense. My bad