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And so it begins


Finally able to start fusing for Monomimus. The event next week should help with Galli, but some more Mono would be nice. And better RNG. 50 DNA out of 4 fuses. Hope I can get her soon!


Aww man that’s all we need, more invincibility emus :expressionless:. But anyways good luck :sunglasses:


I feel you. I genuinely don’t think I’ll ever get there. Stay strong!!


Just got a ton of Galli DNA from the epic strike event and now I’m working on Invincibility emu also lol

Got this far in one go :sunglasses:, of course I didn’t unlock it though, wouldn’t be JWA if I did lol. Should be called “Jurassic World: The Wait” lol


Ok for some reason the pics are getting jumbled out of order lol, too annoying to fix on an iPad mini so just use ur imagination lol.

TLDR version: I got 170 Mono in one sitting.


Looks more like a cassowary though?

Which let’s be honest, is an invincibility emu that is always in a bad mood.


Maybe it’s got Arthritis in its neck so it’s always in pain and thus in a bad mood lol, kinda like me…32 years old 6”1 and Arthritis, scoliosis AND early stage disc disease :expressionless:, lucky me I got the trifecta of back problems.

All I need now is to injure my sciatic nerve and I’ll have the whole set!