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And the reboosted champion is!


How sad is that?
Guess people can’t live without their cunning CHOMP crit, CHOMP crit strategy.

What a wasted chance.


Just cleaned house with Thor on 4 teams. Loving it!!

From last night


Wow that is a hefty rat

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Well of course it’s Thor, they gotta make their God Of Thunder stronger somehow xD

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:nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

That’s horrible. I actually feel sorry for that player. They must really suck to have to do that.


One of the reasons It is thor is because of the rat. Hp to survive a swap in and an attack set that can take it down in one bite any turn.

No dino in my team could one shot this rat even in 1.9.

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I keep trying to tell them that this rat is going to cause a huge imbalance down the line. This is the beginning, other dinos need boosts to be relevant. The rat unboosted does what it needs to do. Once they get enough boosts stocked I would bet things like this everyday and it can get worse than before. It’s also exactly why everyone boosts there Thor first too.

Also, procerat beats magna. These rats ruin the games balance no matter what you try. But I guess you need boost selling mascots? @Ludia_Developers


Thats why their little filthy rat faces lol.

Actually I would have been MASSIVELY surprised if boost mascot rat got nerfed, its literally the only dinosaur with the ability - “Immune to nerfs!” lol.

Ahh the pro’s of being Lydias mascot >.<!


I don’t get why they can’t just have a balanced game. They love there mascots. They help sell boosts. Tired of getting hit by Magna, and you don’t have one? Just use a procerat and boost it up to beat lvl 30 Magnas and many other uniques. Cautious strike from ig2 isn’t that bad considering the fastest dino has distract, dodge, immunity, and lands big hits.

Can’t get a leg up in the arena? Just swap in a boosted rat. Remember to get 15hp and 15 attack boosts, you don’t need speed.

The rat is muzzled for now, but the way boosts are now the rat will be more useful not needing speed. But first they will boost there uniques up because they need them to help go against swapping rat, swapping monosteg, op procerat, and the cherry on top Thor.

Let’s get back to Thor here lol.
I thought I was facing a boost-free team last match. Then this came out:

Still managed to get the W, though.


Yeah it’s silly to boost Thor up like that and use everything. Thor has plenty counters seriously. The only time Thor is an actual problem is when its combined with rats. Other than that Thor isn’t that great, at least not against my team even when its higher leveled.

Probably why everything else was boost free… sick it all in this one.

Part of me thinks the dodge rework was done just for this reason. To give something a chance to survive and defeat crap like that.

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Honestly this has been the norm for me since the update. One heavily boosted dino (usually a Thor or Erlidom) and a bunch of other unboosted critters. If they get their speediest overboosted dino, there’s a good chance I’ll lose 3-0 because I’ve (stupidly?) tried to boost things evenly.

Pretty stupid to boost just that one dino. Sure, itll win now, but after the arena levels out, those overboosted monsters arent going to do as well since the rest of their teams lack boosts

Its definitely making me think I’d prefer to keep Erlidom on my team instead of raising Spyx up.
Good thing we’re unboosted, so we can make these decisions at our own leisure and without wasting resources :wink:

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Boosting things evenly is the proper way of boosting in this game. Boosting just one or two dinos isnt a good idea because that leaves the rest of their team as easy pickings, especially if they dont get their two boosted dinos drawn. Once the meta evens out, the overboosted dinos will have trouble because of the rest of the team being close to dead weight.

In other words, youre doing it right :slight_smile: