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And the surprise of the day is .... that prices have increased by 20% :(

The “pay for win” wheel is now unstoppable. First the need is created to have to buy boosts (minimum speed) in order to preserve the status you deserve for your searches and battles. Now a price increase of up to 20% in the purchase of notes (1200 notes have gone from 9.99 euros to 11.99 euros and the rest of similar price increases). I guess they won’t be surprised that fewer and fewer people play this game (you just have to watch last tournament participants). It is logical to seek money, they are a company and must pay many workers and expenses, but the way to try to get it is about to end the game.


I am back to watch the last moment of this game.


Quiet! They might try to sell you popcorn!


My only surprise is that it didn’t happen sooner.


If I am recalling pricing correctly (I haven’t paid real money for hard cash for a long time) the price in Pounds (GBP) doesn’t seem to have changed but then the Pound has been falling against the Dollar. Maybe its to do with the exchange rate between the Euro and the Dollar - that’s just something businesses have to do now and again - they can only absorb currency fluctations to a point and then tend to over correct.


That might make sense if it weren’t because in recent months the variation has not been greater than 2% and that, even taking the maximum value, it does not exceed 4% and the increase has been 20%. From 9.99 they could have gone to 10.49 (5% increase) or even 10.99 (10% increase which would have been a brutality) … but no, better to 11.99 (20% increase)


Their money grabbing attitude has asphyxiated the game for a long time. No surprise, they are achieving the opposite: lower incomes for the game, fewer players enjoying it, fewer playing it and a fall out in popularity overall.

In lower arenas (as high as Lockwood Estate…) they had to implement AI teams that give you 40 trophies every X losses. There’s not enough people to keep a healthy competition system. In higher arenas you suffer the lack of players fighting teams 3 levels higher than your team average and 1 boost level higher. Soon, they’ll need to add those AI teams that give you 40 trophies to make the system sustainable.

Ludia’s politics not fixing bugs that harm the player base, not compensating by their multiple bugs, mistakes and fails just make people uninstall their game. Is not the game quality, it’s company’s poor management. Ludia is so far the most incompetent company I’ve ever faced when playing a game (any platform). They are short minded solving problems, lazy and slow dealing with the simplest issues. I’m sure they abuse their employees and that’s part of the issue.

Oh well, one reaps what they sow… gg Ludia…


Price is USD hasn’t changed.
Ludia is Canadian, they use CAD, slightly less than USD.

With respect to the Canadian dollar, the euro has fluctuated less than 3%, it is not a reason for a 20% rise.

i saw all prices up last week, but immediately after i cancelled VIP. i suppose it’s not a coincidence, vip has discounts, right?

UK prices have gone up too

All companies have to do this at some point. It’s not great but for them it is a necessary act.

Ok, just have to ask; how is this possibly necessary?? They pick a price point, if people pay it, then good for them, otherwise they lower it. The point itself is completely arbitrary. Most would argue the price point was (much) too high to begin with, especially considering the “goods” they are producing are just a bunch of 1’s and 0’s. It’s not as if the cost of bits went up.


This just makes me even happier to be F2P! I spent way too much money on this game over the winter, so I quit that several months ago.

As far as I can tell, it’s only people paying in Euros and the pound that have had a price increase. 20%, even though the rate has only risen by about 3%.

I normally understand price increases, but this one makes no sense.

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Why does anyone still care about that, lol? You gotta have zero self-respect to STILL be paying Ludia anything after everything they’ve pulled recently.


Strange that it didn’t happen before. Now I’m sure this is the beginning of the end for a software house that has understood nothing of how to proceed. A game with enormous potential that makes 10 million downloads and in the last tournament there were no 20. 000 people. Who knows why harry Potter, Pokemon go still have millions of users. I’m glad Ludia fails. Even technically they failed to make a game worthy of the name it bears. Failing to chat is incompetent. In other hands it would have been a spectacular game.


The UK prices have gone up, I mentioned it in our alliance the other day and most people said they hadn’t changed.

To be honest I only use green cash from tapjoy offers but got a £5 offer from google play and used it to get some cash last week. So I used the voucher and added £2.99 to get the £7.99 cash deal. That deal is now £10.49 for the same amount of game cash!

I have plenty self respect. I only pay the ViP (I thoroughly enjoy JWA and want to support it) and occasionally if I can afford it on payday I might buy some bucks but that’s it.

20% is a lot but all it means to me is that I probably won’t buy the bucks anymore but I’ll still pay for the ViP.

At first I was too lazy to compose a proper reply so went to my post history to copy&paste from there.

Much of what I found was from the thread “Why are we ignored?”

Then I get this image in my head of a bunch of people throwing money at Ludia and contemplating that question.

Nothing like a good laugh before bed.