And we still get wrong rewards on the tourney

Just to keep reminding y’all. The highscore system hasn’t changed that. Still losing -35 to -40 in losses and +20 in wins against people way ahead of me, or sometimes this happening in my favor against people behind me.

Once again, please do something about this or just put back the +30/-30 only for skill tourneys


gave up trying to get any higher in the tournament. 200+ down from my high score and no end to the constant -40 losses and +20 something wins. I lost 40 to a guy then won against the same person and got 21.


That would be normal if the guy was behind you… The problem is that it’s happening against people with more medals than you

Yeah I noticed that as well, kk I will stop tournaments again for 6 months :slight_smile:

Oh c’mon this is so freaking stupid… Just lost -40 to someone almost 200 medals ahead! How is this ignored??

Same here, win 20, lose 40, EVERY. SINGLE. FLANKING. TIME!! Still fighting though, about 130 trophies behind my high score, but those 3500 green cash within the top 250 is still calling to me… maybe I’ll mamage to slip in there in the last minutes


Does system consider the highest trophy count while calculating awarded trophies or the current trophies?

Just said the same thing in tourney thread… got right outside top 100 and went to the lose 40 gain 20 crap… Now 100+ away from my spot to try to build it up…

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It’s a joke. Do Ludia even have people field testing this game? They can’t have, otherwise bugs and glitches wouldn’t last this long. Piss poor


It’s so simple to fix this debacle!

Plus 30 for a win, minus 30 for a loss.

End of story.

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I rarely play the tournaments a lot but have this one - been trying to get back in the top 500 but as you say +20 or +21 for a win, -39 or -40 for a loss :rage:

Edit: next match I won and got 40 to set a new high score :laughing: consistently inconsistent

Won 7 games, lost 4. End up 20 points LOWER than where I started because of every loss being -40 and every win being +20. Real nice, definitely encourages me to keep battling and totally doesn’t feel unfair at all. :crazy_face:

I feel like the game is still set on last years April fool’s settings, where Ludia is just trolling it’s players.

The problem with -/+30 is that too many people will have the same score yet different rewards.

Even with this new trophy system I can see there being issues… I’d be more incline for -20 +30 or something. So there is some variety in scores.

I understand that this may be the case but let’s look at this in a bit more detail.

If lots of people end up on the same score, who loses out?

The players who sit on the same score, or Ludia?

Say twenty players have 2000, and that’s the top score. Does that mean 20 players get the top prize and the next score of 1990 gets every player with this score second place or 21st place?

I’m guessing Ludia figure they would have to give way too much away if loads if players end on the same score and that’s why they have this weird way of stopping it from happening.

The problem is that there is absolutely no logic in doing what they do. I lost 40 trophies for losing to players with all unique and top legendary who were way higher than me every single time. Yet when I beat then I got 20 trophies with my way inferior team. There is no way I could continue playing with this happening. It’s senseless and just puts so many people off.

Surely in a skill tourney there shouldn’t be any more or less as everyone has the same chance anyway?

If ties got the same reward, it’ll be fine. They don’t though.

Current scoring system is messed up, I agree. I just don’t think same win/lose os the answer. :confused:

Maybe you’re right Asta, but anything would be better than the nonsense we have at present.

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This still happens in the regular arena, too. A lot of people brush it off as just the opponent having less boosts, but quite often I find myself receiving more trophies from players with few or no boosts, and losing greatly to those with.

The system is clearly bugged, and needs looking into. Or maybe it’s supposed to be like that, to keep us constantly battling. I don’t know anymore.

Maybe Ludia thinks they are bring strategic and doing it on purpose.

“If they keep losing so many trophies/medals then they’ll go buy more boost”


Making you lose more to do more battles to keep the game healthy with players. You keep playing because you’re trying to get higher rewards.

Tournaments suck and so does pvp. I only do it for incubators and alliance missions.

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I think it’s this. I’ve long thought it’s this.

Not feeling worthy is often a motivator to better your team.

I almost bought into that last night after a wicked losing streak, then saw how ridiculously priced boosts are and laughed. (~$13USD per step X 30 steps = $390USD to max 1 creature.)

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