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And why do we get tournaments all the time?


It is just annoying.


Cus they think we enjoy them

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According to some, most everyone loves them.
The reason it seems most on this forum dislike them is because there’s a vocal minority and a silent majority…

Kinda like Bigfoot. Just because there’s absolutely no evidence it exists, is evidence it exists…


Well… bearing in mind that JWA is a PvP game and tournaments is the only feature that differentiates this game from similar others… What else can we expect?

More tournaments = more free DNA + incubator. Not a bad thing!


What I dislike is the frequency of them. Not enough of a break in between. But otherwise I love battling!

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I wouldn’t mind constant tournaments - if there was an opt out. I like the free stuff at the end. My issue is the bottleneck with battles and the ages it takes to get an incubator at times.

There are days when picking up the phone to battle in a non-competitive format for an incubator would be really, really, boring. Other times, I’m tapped out on my schedule and I need easy battles or I miss running incubators 24/7. I can’t afford the time to lose 6 in a row. Those days vary for me, as I’m sure they do for many, but I can generally say “Hey, I need to sit this one out” or “Crank it, dude.”


It would be so bad if there was (a) an opt out option and (b) Ludia fixed the matchmaking so that lower players were not facing teams of way higher level dinosaurs.


The same questions are asked again and again but unfortunately Ludia isn’t listening.

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In my opinion, tournaments cause a huge bottleneck by bringing the top players to a lower level, when the tournament starts, it pushes mid level players further down (think about how trophies are currency, there is a finite amount available unless battling bots.)
To complicate matters further, the top players are rewarded the most, which makes the top spots that much more unobtainable.

Tournaments are a hot mess. :fire:


Id just like more variety in the tournaments. Have a flat levels one. Have one where you use 5 Dino’s instead. Have one where you use a 12 Dino team instead of 8 etc


I think forcing certain restrictions such as only common, rare, herbivores, no hybrids or something would go a long way to make each event more interesting.


And if they only went for 10 days instead


Absolutely. The events as they currently stand go on for far too long


I ageee they need to mix up tournaments. Just for variety running the same tournament in the same format it jist gets a little old…

And some of the suggestions like fielding a team of 12 dinos should in theory create more revunue.


What other incentive is there to try to get an high score? When there’s no tournament, sooooo many players are unranking like crazy because they like to stump lower players and get fast wins. The only good time for a legit players is when you get near the end of a tournament, since finally everybody is trying to get their top score.

I think without tournaments all the time, 90% of the players would simply unrank down to arena 1 or 2… Until Ludia fix the matchmaking, tournament is pretty much the only good thing that help them get new players that stay in the game. Between tournaments, I’m sure that most of the new players that try the game quit very quickly because they get stumped all the time by much better dinos.


The real answer,…All the code is already in place. All they have to do is enable the tourneys, this could be as simple as pushing a button, or typing a few lines of code.

Its not like designing new content or anything like that, hence it is easy to keep cycling the tourneys over and over.

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I have been wondering whether the code for the tournaments are already worked into each update which means they are planned months in advance.

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Apparently thats how they do the weekly events… one patch at a time… they set themselves a pretty rigid patch cycle. If a patch has to get pushed back, theyd still have to do an update to keep events rolling. I think this is why we dont get patch notes till the patch is almost out, there not sure whats gonna make it in or not until we get down to the wire.


Some of those issues could be fixed if tournament rewards didn’t rely on your position in the ladder, but in your personal performance during the tournament (# wins, # losses, wins against higher n the leaderboard, etc)

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Great idea, as long as they don’t announce when the next tournament starts. This would keep people from dropping way down before the tournament starts.

I like this idea!

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