And you?

1 time I saw a sinoceratops, because I never find it, impossible to make hybrids

I have found most of them enough to also make most hybrids but I look a lot and put a ton of time in. I agree everything is hard to find or fuse for if you do not try.

I’ve only ever seen one in the wild and the rest of my DNA came from a Dinosaur of the Week appearance. Would love to see some more just for the DNA.

I have played this game since May. Hours a day, every day.

I have found 2.


Are you frequenting local 1 hunting? It’s also been one of the more hard to find epics for me but not any more rare than other local specific ones I guess. I have had less luck with Anky within its local than Sino.

Believe me mate, I look for it

Do you play in right local? She doesn’t spawn everywhere, she is local 1 spawn and also possibility to spawn near gas stations.

the service stations if I visit them regularly😓

I ran into a Sino today as my first epic, the next being Coolie.

Edit: The Sino I found today was located right near 2 car yards :slight_smile:

i hadn’t seen one since june. woke up at like 3:30 AM last night for no reason. decided to just go for a walk because i really need kaprosuchus and i finally learned i’ve lived right next to L1 since launch :unamused:


they are crazy easy to dart too. i got like 188, but they move like a stegosaurus. if i saw them regularly i feel like 250+ is easy

I’m 20 minutes away from the nearest Sino spawn neighborhood. When I’m out that way, I make it a point to drive through. 2 months after identifying an L1 zone, I’ve darted…


Most of my Sino, Baryonix, and Erlichosaurus DNA have come from incubators or dinos of the day.

I popped my Halloween tower epic scent I yesterday in my nearest L1 and then it spawn a Sino, was so happy coz I darted it for 200 exactly, a nice 4 fuses :slight_smile:

Edit: I just need to find ONE more Sino and ill have my Utahsinraptor finally after all this time.
The problem then is levelling it to the 20 it needs got be for the Unique >.<!

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The lv 20 part is true but oh boy UtahS is fun and good to use as you get there. Congrats.

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Yeah id love to be the one catching people off guard with the Instant charge instead of being the victim of it :crazy_face::joy: