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Andorid lag and optimization issues

Yet another issue involving android. The optimization for the game is absolutely terrible. I have a Galaxy A10s that used to run the game pretty well, but each update the lag has been getting worse and worse, making the game slower.
My game crashes if I’m in the map moving at a fast speed. Battles are unplayable due to how laggy they are. Emotes also freeze the game temporariliy, making my timer be a bit behind my opponent’s. Darting is a nightmare too, I can’t dart wihout the screen freezing every 3 seconds. When entering the achievement tab, the game crashes. Dino dex literally cannot be touched without the game taking a year to load it or crashing. And the list goes on and on…


Yeah, especially with the dinodex, if I enter it to much my game will crash.

I"m sorry for the trouble, Chariwade and Ten_Tails. If you email our team at, they will do what they can to assist you as much as possible. Thanks!