Andrewnops nerfed before even getting the chance to shine

The new unique Andrewnops was a personably favourite of the new hybrids, I understand the hype for indotaurus (I dislike the demand for more I Rex hybrids but hey ho) but Andrewnops just had a fantastic move set and conceptually a great design.
However ludia for some unknown reason shipped this WILDCARD with the same Hp as erlindominus.

Like this seems crazy when all the other wildecards have at least 5k hp at lvl 30 without boosts. For what the creature does it doesn’t deserve such low health.

Both of those should have 3600 hp in my opinion. And also I dunno why andrewtops doesn’t have no escape and instead has worse lockdown capabilties


Yeah worse lockdown capabilities than Phorex when ATops parent has lockdown and Phorex’s doesn’t


Phorurex’s amazing yet utterly poorly balanced moveset is a monster to deal with alone. Its by far the most broken thing in the patch, its just a super jacked phorusaura + dracorex g2 swap in


If it was 131 speed I would understand the health but its not its 126.
Yeah the swap in lockdown is dumb, lockdown would be fine.
The counter is amazing though.

Overall I like it but its rivaling antarc for the worst exclusive unique wildcard.
Mainly because, swap ins and revenge are polar opposites

EDIT, however its hard to test a creature when its not team level and boosted.

Arctov is actually really good boosted, boosting mostly speed and attack can destroy tanks with revenge definite rampage, and vulner or ferocity can increase that damage even more, not to mention its immune to distract.


Yeah I think the fact it’s a swap in no escape makes no sense, maybe give it the swap out perk of Phorex and boost the hp to a minimum of 5k

Pterovexus has the same problem

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3600 HP for Andrewtops would be good. I don’t think it needs considerably more than that, as its offensive power is pretty massive

Antar really isn’t the worst unique :joy:

Whats a matter with it.

Arctov is the best it’s ever been right now, heck, it’s maybe even the second best wildcard in the game.

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I mean exclusive unqiue thats a wild card.
There is 4
Rhino, antarc, andrewtops and tenoto.
Out if these 4 I think antarc and andrewtops are the weaker ones.
I just don’t think its better than tenoto and monorhino.

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It wasn’t nerfed, it always had low stats. And don’t go off the HP alone, Andrewtops hits like a train


Yeah I know it hits hard I just think it needs a bit more hp, Actops’ other hybrid Acrocanthotops has more hp, more attack and it’s only legendary.

Granted Andrewnops has more speed and armour but what’s the use of the thing gets 1 hit by any mortem

Andrewnops is on par with Pterovexus as being a dinosaur that doesn’t know what it is. Like the move set is great but the stats are poor

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First of all that isn’t a nerf thats just what it came out with
Secondly it has the highest damage of all damaging counter attackers so it kinda has to have low hp or it would be extremely broken. Although I could see 3450 hp working too.

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