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Waah a better version of alloraptor, excpt the speed decrease resistant

You want to fuse 2 OP creatures into one with a moveset like that, which would easily smash everything, also with 40% crit chance and no escape ability? No way. This could only solve one issue - epic tourneys wouldn’t be full of rixis, but the price for that would be too damn high…

In fairness, all the other epic cunnings (even ovilopho) would be able to kill it

Ludia be like „Write that down write that down“

this photo is from our discord …and in the Gamepress Discord we posted it too… very strange :sweat_smile:

I posted it there and in my alliance discord too actually… I called it andrewsaurus at one point

Looks like splinter from teenage mutant ninja turtles

Sadly,no,ovilo have 125 speed.
And overall,its broken as sarcorixis.

We created the idea of an Andrewraptor last december since he is our alliance mascot :slight_smile:


The “Andrewraptor” was photoshopped by me. It’s a hybrid of Andrewsarchus and Alloraptor. I’ve posted it at the GamePress DC under “creature-ideas”, only without movesets. I also made it with a smaller tail and a lot of other Andrewsarchus pictures.