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Andrewsarchus VS Marsupial Lion (JWA Bonus Battles #2)

For no reason Ludia decided to make a replacement to the ultimate rare tank busting king. Can the old king beat the new king?

Again with these bonus battles: Results are not based on accuracy, so don’t question a compy beating an argentino. Let’s go!

Andrewsarchus is seen munching on a corpse of a Megaloceros, when Marsupial Lion charges in out of no where to swipe the entelodont dog thing in the face, succeeding quite well. Andrewsarchus, not taking kindly to that action, swiped the Lion back, swiped him into the air, and begins scratching the Lion multiple times before biting him and smashing him to the ground. Marsupial lion claws Sarchus to a tree and rushes to crush him into it, claws out, succeeding in the clever attack but not before sarchus used fierce impact on him. Marsupial lion counters and prepares, and prowls, preparing for a rending takedown. Andrewsarchus uses his own, but landing the crit, Marsupial Lion’s rending takedown overpowers Sarchus’. Marsupial lion, taking advantage of Sarchus’ stunned position, clawed Sarchus, bit his face, and knocked him over before pouncing on him and biting his neck, suffocating the dog pig hippo. The marsupial roars in victory, paw on the corpse.

That was a surprisingly one sided battle! Leave your own suggestions for bonus battles, and see you sometime this week for Purrutaurus VS Purrolyth of the REGULAR JWA Battles…

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This would be an extremely one sided battle, but for Andrewsarchus’s advantage.
Just compare the sizes:
andrewsarchus-skull starfinder
Andrewsarchus’s skull was almost as long as Lion’s body. Lion would stand absolutely no chance


Yeah I know. I look like I did no research but I actually did. M Lion is able to take down prey far larger than itself so I didn’t see why it couldn’t beat Andrewsarchus and I would’ve had no argument if Sarchus did win. Although, I could get away with Compy beating Argentinosaurus for one reason: it’s a darned compy.


That isn’t canon anymore. They changed the in-game description.

No, I mean the real one. Not to the extent that the old JWA one could, but could still take down guys like this


So pretty much there was no way Andrewsarchus was winning this whether I factor research or not, but this isn’t as one sided as two smilonemys vs mammolania


Maybe. We honestly don’t know much about Andrew at all, so I can’t disagree there.

It can put up a fight, I will say, but loses over 90% of the time for a reason (unless you know. updates on science)

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2nemys vs 1 mammolania came out?

Yep, 27 days ago and had to change the first ending lol

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Marsupial Lion couldn’t kill an adult Diprotodon too. Only young ones.

As Andrewsarchus was probably comparable to Diprotodon, but also equipped with very strong jaws, he would absolutely destroy the Lion with one bite.

he did say it didn’t depend on accuracy

Yes, the bonus battles are kind of a thing for battles that would be one sided as a researched battle and to not be controversial.

It wasn’t taking down diprotodon though. The largest prey was most likely a procoptodon

It’s hard to know considering it has no relatives alive currently and now evidence say it’s closer to entelodon, which has a big head

His skull was comparable in size to Daeodon’s, so even assuming he had a proportionally huge head like entelodonts, he would still be a giant that would be much bigger and stronger than Thylacoleo and would absolutely crush him.

Not to mention what he would be if he had a head like Mesonyx

on the scientific side it is doubtful who wins “sometimes you win and sometimes you lose” but if we go on the side of JWA, obviously M Lion wins.

in the same battle M Lion does things like “prowl” or “rending takedown” which means that it is based on the game (I think)

Don’t mind me, just posting a screenshot for relativity.

I like Andrew already!

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Oh yeah. He’d dwarf bears if he did have the proportions of Mesonyx