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Everyone is talking about how ugly Scorpius Rex is when Andrewtherium looks like a goblin on four legs. Nothing against it though, I think it has a cool design lol.


Andrewsarchus really just has the ugliest looking hybrids. I mean look at Andrewtodon…


For me, this thing holds top spot as ugliest hybrid, and so does andrew and its hybrids in general for me. This hybrid is like a mutated tapir, it looks like an actual hybrid between its components, but it just looks so odd. And I actually like scorpois rexes design, its derpy yet horrifying, my feelings on it are basically represented by the Antman meme involving his child(cassy?) and her b-day present “its so ugly, I love it”

Andrewsarchus isn’t something I’d call pretty to begin with, but with every new hybrid it gets, it just gets uglier and uglier…

Also, Megistocurus looks like a combination between a naked mole rat and an armadillo

Yeah, its not the most good looking family in the game

As someone said in the show off 2.8 thread, its like a pitbull and armadillo hybrid, which I can’t unsee

lol i nicknamed it the Armadoggo (bulldog + armadillo). you can’t tell me that face does not remind you of a bulldog or pitbull