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Andrewtherium redesign

Please o please can we please have a redesign for andrewtherium make it have more of the Andrew characteristic like more teeth and more hair I don’t like that it’s just deinotherium in a Andrew body

Does andrewtherium need a redesign
  • Yes it needs a redesign
  • Nah it look fine/cool

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I actually rather like the Tapir design. That being said, more hair would be nice.


I wish the trunk could be a little longer.

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SO, is no one gonna talk about how horrible and lazy tsintamoth is? it’s horrendous


I agree, as ugly as it is I like what they did, but some extra fur would be great to not make it look like a hairless mole or something

And yeah, it is quite bland, not sure what else they could have really done other than the few features they gave it and color change, I’m sure there’s something else they could have done but rn I cant think of anything

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I quite like how Andrewtherium looks actually. Tsintamoth is quite lazy, but I like it anyway.


One model could be the tsintao body + tusks and then a bit of fur, but it might end up like thylacotator