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Andrewtodon VS Megistocurus (JWA Battles #26)

Reminded of this series again… welcome back to the most INCONSISTENT series on the forums that somehow always finds a way to return. Go see the last battle if ya haven’t already. (The first tag team battle!)

This time, we have a battle between glyptodont dog hybrids. Well, one isn’t a dog. Andrewtodon, somewhat known as Shart Dog, and Megistocurus, somewhat known as Shart Doed. By reading on, you’ll find out how the game is played, so without further ado, let’s introduce the 26th round of fighters.

Andrewsarchus is an incomplete specimen, but is thought to be related to entelodonts, hence why it looks like a pig dog thing. Then glyptodon, who I don’t REALLY think needs an introduction, but it’s essentially a giant armadillo. Combining these two makes fast and powerful predator, that happens to be armored. Its armor is thick and offers good enough protection to stop it from being impaled by rhino horns or bitten. It isn’t the best, though. Having strong claws and teeth and a weird tail gives it good offensive options as well. Overall, Andrewtodon is a near-unstoppable predator, although its armor is not the best out there.

Megistotherium is a half ton dog fusing with an almost 2 ton armadillo to make a well armor dog that weighs a ton, is very quick, and rather strong. This is the birth of Megistocurus, and as previously stated, it is armored, but it’s more like a big bony plate on its back… kinda like a shell. That said, it is a weakness that it’s not armored all over, but it has power to back it up, and even a spiky tail. Overall, despite the armor problem, megistocurus is a very powerful creature.

Andrewtodon can be seen running across the savanna. Racing behind was Megistocurus. Megisto was catching up quick, but Andrew slashed his face and raced on. Megisto got up, panting, and decided to take a short cut to, well, cut him off.

Andrew raced past a couple trees and bushes before Megisto popped out of one and knocked him over, causing the two to appear as an infused ball. The two hit a tree, with Megisto’s back against it, but felt no pain because of the shell. Andrew was trying to bite at Megisto, but was pushed away.

Megisto got up and scratched one of Andrew’s eyes, only leading to Andrew doing the same, and forcing the two into an ora ora ora of swipes. Andrew then pushed Megisto against the tree, and bit his neck, but was again swiped off.

Clouds formed and rain began dropping, with a lightning bolt striking the tree Megisto was stuck against, causing him to move. Andrew slashed at Megisto, causing him to bump back into the tree. The dogs got into a bear hug type fight with Andrew eventually overpowering Megisto and pushing him down.

Lightning hit one tree, synching with Andrew’s swipe. Lightning hit another tree, synching with Megisto’s swipe. Megisto grabbed and threw Andrew, but Andrew landed on his feet, rushed at Megisto, and knocked him to the ground once more.

Lightning nearly hit Megisto’s head as he lay, shocking (no pun intended) him. Megisto rolled over, got up, and quickly bit Andrew, but couldn’t exactly get through the armor. Andrew shook Megisto off, and slashed his face twice, and grabbed his neck, and began to run with him. Andrew then halted, and threw Megisto into the air, with Lightning striking him, ending him.

The rain storm ends, and with the moon somehow visible, Andrew howls for no reason. He is then scared off by a random lightning bolt (which how did that even appear?), while a smilocephalosaurus finds the crispy Megisto corpse, and decides to eat.

It wasn’t THAT close, but I’m required to say that it was. The ways Megisto could win usually involved the outside environment, like pushing him off a cliff, or into lava. Sometimes a lucky shot could be landed, since he could live long enough to do so. However, around 7/10 times Andrew would be too tough for him to handle. The thick armor covering all his body, his physical advantages, and size made sure of that. Megisto was faster and had the shell, but that was it. Overall, Megisto was seriously shell shocked in this battle.


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Very good. Cant wait for the next battle