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Anyone has a high lvl andrewtodon? Is it worth it? Stat base it looks like meh but maybe I’m wrong

i like it its fun :stuck_out_tongue: good in trex and wooly and erlik raids so far as long as you get ahealer or distract…pvp myabe maybe not

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Andrewsarcus is better in almost every way

If only Andrewtodon had more speed

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I’ve brought mine up to level 22 and threw it on my team briefly just to try out but in upper aviary, unboosted, I never had a scenario where it was useful. Looking forward to seeing how it fairs in the advantage tourney this weekend.

It needs a buff to be considered really good, but as is it’s not awful by any means.

Either more health, more speed, more armour, or a speed control move like making armour piercing impact resilient impact instead seeing as it has rending takedown. Not saying all of those of course, but even one of those changes makes it more viable

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Yeah, my impression is that is very lacking in every Stat, it lost the speed of andrewsarchus, it lost the Armour and speed control of glyptodon, it lost health and gained what? Only The counter that is very situational, if it had more health and Armour then that counter could cause many problems

Yes, andrewtodon should get buff in speed from 112 to 120 or even more

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i agree with the speed using it it feels like a glass canon…sort of