Andrewtops buff

I think Andrewtops could use a slight buff. It does not have no escape which makes absolutely no sense when all other dogs have no escape, and it has one of the worst swap in moves in the entire game. That is why I have decided to buff it

I wanted to keep the idea of that swap in lockdown applies swap prevention so I gave it a swap in shattering lockdown so it actually does damage. I also gave it no escape because all other dogs have that move. I also gave it an hp buff of 450 because I think having enough life would be nice to allow for more swap in opportunities. I also have no idea why but I gave it a resistance to vulnerability because I felt like it. The vulnerability resistance problem is not needed but it helps.
I also renamed piercing revenge to revenge rending lockdown because piercing revenge just seems like a stupid name to me. The move name mentions nothing about the ability to apply swap prevention to the opponent or the fact that its a rending move.


I think that Swap in Shattering Lockdown is already in the game named as Fierce Swap In Strike, So why not use it instead…?
Anyways, the Buff to Andrewtops is Nice.


Nice, i like the buff idea

Yep he should have no escape like Andrewsarcus abd more health otherwise no move changes

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I like this buff but it doesn’t need the swap in at all, it’s a Revenge Dino (or that’s how I use it). But I do agree it needs the no escape functionality. Though maybe it should do something similar to Phorurex where it does damage to escapes since a lot of dinos have a swap prevention resistance/immunity currently. Maybe a defence shattering on escape move or something could work? Or even a distracting on escape move so counterattacks don’t do much damage to it from the No escape attack

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I do agree that its more of a revenge killer but with a swap in move players will have options and different ways to use it.

I have only made 1 change to give it swap in shattering strike instead of swap in shattering lockdown. There really is not point of having a swap prevention swap I move if you already have no escape.


Andrewtops is a great creature, but now he’s weak a little so I agree with you, he definitely need a buff.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to create another swap-in creature, but he could get a little more health points and he’ll be okay.

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I think that Distraction Resistance should be reduced to 0, or 33% at the very least, and Cleansing Impact gets swapped out for Fierce Impact tbh. Otherwise that Vulnerability counter and Rampage/Rending combo’s going to be doing

If you do this, you’ll kill this creature.I think it’s good the way it is, it just needs a No escape and a little more health points.

I think it definitely needs the no escape from its Andrew component.

A swap in is nice, but not needed for the type of creature it is.

I think for stat buffs it can either be health or speed.

It’s moves don’t need changing I think it has a good move kit.

Also a model change would be nice, dont know if other people think this but it feels like the design was only 50% done and the rest was filled in with red.