Andrewtops Needs Revision ASAP

Hello my friends!

I wanted to bring up something that has been on my mind for some time. I have been giving a lot of thought to the Andrewtops.

I have a level 25 Andrewtops with 15 total applied boosts, to both Health and Attack.

My feeling is that the Andrwtops has the potential to be a Dino everyone wants and uses. However in its current configuration it’s simply lacking and therefore isn’t a “go to” Dino.

Similar to the Spinoconstrictor, it just needs some tweaks to become a formidable Dino. If you guys recall, the Spino was not as commonly used and many people abandoned it… until Ludia updated it and removed its obvious weaknesses.

I have played using my boosted Andrewtops in the PvP arena… and it is ROUTINELY killed by lesser, lower level dinos… because they often hit with a minimum of 3000+ damage. Which either kills Andrewtops or damages it to a critical level with 1 hit. Also they are often faster than Andrewtops is.

This is the case with the Andrewtops. My main issues with Andrewtops are the following:

  1. It starts with a VERY low health point allowance. In the upper 2000 range, but as a level 21.
  2. It can be slowed but has no shield or healing abilities.

As mentioned I have applied 15 boosts and it still barely has roughly 3500 Health points as a level 25. Being that it has a speed of 126 base, I’ll need to apply speed boosts to make it fast enough for PVP combat. However if I do that I will utilize the remaining 15 available boosts. Leaving Andrewtops with a Health of barely 4000. One hit from a baby Thor or small Rex hybrid and Andrew is dead.

Additionally, unlike other dinos who have low health points allotments… like Alloraptor… the Andrewtops does not have the high speed ability (even boosted) that the Alloraptor does.

I believe that the Andrewtops in its current configuration hasn’t found itself. It wants to be like an armored counter hitting Grypo… but have a low health rating like a raptor hybrid… but ultimately does neither one well.

I propose that Ludia make small changes to Andrewtops. Which I believe will make it a Dino routinely used in PvP:

  1. Give Andrewtops more health points. It should start life with 3500 health points. Which means it’ll be at 4000+ after leveling to level 25 and being boosted. This allows it to take more than 1 hit like it currently does.

  2. Provide it a Shield or an instant distraction or Refresh (like Tryo).

I know many people will compare the raid version of the Andrewtops and say it’s a hard raid. However in the raid the Andrew has a lot of health points AND has minions that compliment it very well. So comparing the raid boss Andrewtops to the PVP version doesn’t apply.

In support of my view of the Andrewtops… I before deciding to build my Andrew… talked with several serious players on Discord. All of them advised me to build the Indotourus instead of Andrew. Telling me that Andrew was too weak and that it didn’t work in PVP. I didn’t follow the advise because I try to use less common dinos… to keep the game fun and not routine.

Therefore I strongly advise Ludia to update Andrewtops… which I feel will make it a Go To Dino.


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Thanks for letting me know. I have moved the thread

I think 3600 HP and 15% Armor would be a fair start for ATops (these stats at the convention of level 26). Keep in mind that it has solid base speed and damage with fairly few ways to reliably stop that damage and a full-damage vuln counter that boosts its own damage even further. It can serious chunk out absolutely massive damage, so it should be somewhat fragile to counteract that–however, I do agree that it’s too fragile at the moment, and its Swap in Lockdown should either be replaced with No Escape or given a Stun on top of the Swap Prevent.


I agree that the swap in option it has does almost nothing. I would like to see it have a swap in strike of some sort, or swap in distraction.

The health it has is severally under what it needs to be. I just did a fight before writing this, and Andrewtops was killed by 1 hit from a level 21 slightly boosted Thor using the light attack. Shameful… even got hit with a laughing emoji.

I still contend that to be a great PvP Dino it needs a Health refresh and a Shield… in addition to the changing of the swap in

There are a lot of Unique Dinos that people want to use but aren’t viably with the current meta. Just because you like one doesn’t justify it being reworked.


If I were Ludia, I’d want to entice people to invest in leveling a new creature. There’s zero reason people would right now with Andrewtops. They can’t all be winners, and that the old usually get phased out to make way for the new, but right now the thing is a miss.

I like Tryko and Dioj but I understand they had their time in the sun - Andrewtops needs the Mrhino treatment so it can as well.

Adrewtops is sub par and even doesn’t do well in the daily strike towers against creatures 1/3 to half its level. It could use some beefing up a bit.


I agree.

The raid was very hard for a while… but that doesn’t translate to its actual performance.

It’s a shame because it could be such a great Dino.

I strongly advise Ludia to fix it

Andrewtops? How about a massive overhaul revision on the cool dinosaurs and their hybrids? Let’s break free from this Cenozoic takeover from last year already.

Was it T Rex and other awesome Dinos we grew up knowing that inspired you to play or the pig dog thing whatever Andrew is or maybe it was a turtle deer bear or elephant. For me it was Rex raptor stego and the cool carnivores I wasn’t familiar with.

The game took a major blow once we began to be flooded with Cenozoic. Yeah yeah sabertooth thing is cannon now. Who cares. That and mammoth were basically considered Dinos to me as a kid not knowing of these eras. Still could care less they are in the game.

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It really needs a rework. It deserves no escape. Every other dog in this game has it


Agreed. Definitely needs more hp

Since it has event exclusive components I think it will get buffed eventually, but it might be awhile before that happens. Spinoconstrictor was bad for years before they finally buffed it; so for now it’s probably best to just take andrew off your team and wait.

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I was really happy when ludia buffed spinocon and gave it more hp and stun resistance. I do not understand why it did not have stun resistance from the beginning when all other snakes in this game have stun resistance.


I really hope that Andrewtops gets buffed. It’s a really cool design and idea for a creature

First let me address the member who mentioned that every Unique can’t be a winner. I’m sorry but that comment is totally miss placed. My thoughts on Andrewtops had nothing to do with making every Unique Dino a winner. My thoughts were intended to help make Andrewtops a Dino that can be used in PvP combat effectively. Given that the game allows boosts, any Dino can be altered to your personal liking. However, Andrewtops having such a low allotment of Health and no shield or Refresh… is just not effective even with boosting.

With regards to Spinoconstrictor… I agree… I abandoned mine after building it to level 27… and even took away its boosts during a boost shuffle because it was just configured incorrectly.

It is true However that there are several Dinos that need an overhaul… However Andrewtops was designed I believe to be a new “go to” Dino… Ludia even immediately gave it a raid of its own…

Therefore if Ludia is serious about giving us a new Dino that’s good for more than just the privilege of owning it… well it needs some attention.

Additionally… Spinoconstrictor isn’t the only Dino that needed work… got an overhaul… and became a Go To Dino… the Grypo (Super Gator) is another that git some love… and everyone wanted it.

I should clarify what I meant by that statement. “Not every new unique is going to be great right off the bat” is what I was getting at. Much in the same way Mrhino was pretty weak when it debuted, much how spinocon has been off/on through its various iterations, etc.

The “miss” was referring to was Ludia missing the mark on making Andrew a worthwhile investment, and I completely agree it needs better stats and moveset in order to make it an effective and worth people’s time and investment. I wasn’t saying it shouldn’t be great, I’m just saying it isn’t right now.

do I even need to explain how big s certified moment this comment is

they are in the game whether you like it or not. it doesn’t have to be all about dinosaurs. the important thing is for creatures to perform well, and as an exclusive andrewtops does not meet that

t-rex is so easy to get, it doesn’t need a change in my opinion nor its hybrids

andrewtops is made of an exclusive either way you put it and should be strong.


“The important thing is for creatures to perform well”

I agree. So let’s make some Dinos good again and not worry about only the Cenozoic dominate everything.

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