Andrewtops Raid Opinions

Just a bunch of surveys of what people think of the raid.

How fun is it?
  • Very Fun
  • Fun
  • Good
  • Boring
  • A chore

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I personally find it to be a chore myself.

Should it be nerfed or buffed?
  • Big buff
  • Buffed
  • None
  • Nerf
  • Big nerf

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I think it just needs a minor nerf, something to do with its counter if you ask me.

That’s all I have for this topic, cya later.


the biggest issue with Andrewtops and rinchi is these raids require very niche dinos or depend on rng entirely (I’m looking at you rinchi). With Andrew, if you have a fully boosted level 30 unique that is well balanced, you can’t use it for Andrewtops easily, but if it is just slightly under powered, it’s also a problem. This makes the raid very difficult and very rng dependent, so failures are common, and a lot of time is taken up trying to get a raid completed that should be fairly straight forward for upper level players.

In previous unique raids, having a creature that was completed (level 30, fully boosted in a well-balanced fashion for raids) was not a problem because the caps were meant to conform the creature to the unique raid to reward players for their hard earned efforts at finishing off a creature. Now people like me who spent months working very hard to ensure their creatures were raid focused and balanced are now being punished because they are suddenly too strong for the raid. Sure, if someone super speed boosts a creature that will always be a problem in any raid, but this is not the type of overpowered I am talking about.

The caps used in unique raids now no longer conform the creature to the raid as it is supposed to, but rather the raid is out of balance for current meta, and creatures that worked just fine for previous unique raids (creatures that are well balanced) are no longer reliably usable for unique raids. This is extremely unfair, especially when there are people who are dedicated to raiding, often choosing to boost with raids in mind over the arenas, keeping creatures balanced the way Ludia intended in the first place. Now, game basically encourages you to remove damage boosts for unique raids, only for you to have to put them back on for an apex raids. This is not ideal for any gaming situation. Hopefully Ludia will see this, and understand that this is a major problem with these new raids

Also, raids that are completely rng reliant need fixing. Rinchi is only beatable so far as we know if you get the right moves from the minions - otherwise you have to restart. This process can take 2 tries to 20. This is just not good raid mechanics, nor does it make the game enjoyable. Yes, a good challenge is fun, but a puzzle that cannot be solved with consistency is very exhausting indeed.


In summary - a well balanced creature that is useful in apex raids should be perfectly adequate in a unique raid when capped. But so far, it’s not looking this way for Andrew.

And good raids don’t rely on rng to win - they rely on good strategy and teamwork, but even the best strategies with rinchi are completely reliant on rng.


Its raid should get taken down a couple of notches and should get a slight buff in hp, it looks like a glass cannon from the stats

Buff the hp but nerf the damage or at least remove the counter attack

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I don’t understand the revenge mechanics for the second move of round 1. First turn you kill a minion, second turn you kill the last minion then the boss does not have revenge activated.
First turn you kill a minion, second turn you fail to kill the last minion then the boss does have revenge activated. In what world does that make sense?

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I think it has to do something with the counter.

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it still makes no logical sense but it is what it is

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1 and 3 are what I would expect.

2 and 4 are nonsensical indeed.

Even though it could be argued that 1 should be revenge then normal. But let’s not kid ourselves, it would be hard to ask for an intra-turn dynamic allocation of the revenge status when they already struggle to implement anything turn by turn.

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As InfiniteEdgardo explained over in the GamePress Discord:

“It’s like this: every time you kill a minion, it immediately turns Revenge on
However, if you turn on Revenge when Revenge was already on, Revenge resets.
If you kill Dilo t1 and Scolo turn 2 before the boss attacks on turn 2, you get Revenge only on turn 3
If you kill Dilo and Scolo both on turn 1, you get Revenge on turn 2”

After a week of this raid being out, I am convinced it’s broken. So many of the “working” strategies really don’t work consistently, Thor basically needs dmg boosts but can’t have “too many”, which is ridiculous because thor was designed to need dmg boosts for raids and the arena, and even when things “go to plan” and everyone has the correct stats, this raid can still fall apart, and the working strats need the shield minion to shiled r1t2 and r2t2. Ludia needs to address this mess - same with rinchi and same with glypto. To have raids that can ponly take niche boosted dinos and niche dinos, and have only one or two strats that kinda work is proof of a poorly designed raid.


i agree i have done 10 plus of these today and only won twice its worse than pyrri and some of the otheres like scorpie that really need a special setup to succeed and even then withis having perfect dinos it fails

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when people have to say, “I cannot use my thor for this raid because it requires a small thor with less damage - my thor has too much damage” and the key to the raid is a dino like thor, that is a problem. Who in the world doesn’t dmg boost their thor? how are you gonna use a thor in other raids unboosted? Really now… really


we spent over an hour with different combos of dinos - and it seems you have have your dinos precisely calibrated for this raid or else you will lose. Again, that is poor raid mechanics. You cannot ask everyone to fashion their dinos just for one raid

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this raid could easily be fixed if the shield minion had higher dmg - it’s an easy fix, one that should take into account higher dmg thors with dmg cap of 15

yep done 15 runs won 3 now ende dup with gemi touro dior and thor but had to improvise

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I feel Andrewtops and Phorurex is easier than Rinchicyon and Glypotoceras. I won 1st try today. I had to grab it on my walk and bring it home.
Actually, it’s been pretty consistent that the legendary raids have been more difficult. I have a hard time with the Scropius raid.

stats on dinos becasue i just did my 33rd and only 3 wins it all depends on the dinos loadouts

For Andrewtops, these are my creature stats:
22 Diorajasaur is unboosted
25 Tuoramoloch (actual 28) is + tier2, /// tier4, >>> no boosts
25 Thoradolosaur (actual 29) is + tier12, /// tier12, >>> no boosts
20 Irritator is unboosted

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