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Andrewtops Raid Opinions

For Andrewtops, these are my creature stats:
22 Diorajasaur is unboosted
25 Tuoramoloch (actual 28) is + tier2, /// tier4, >>> no boosts
25 Thoradolosaur (actual 29) is + tier12, /// tier12, >>> no boosts
20 Irritator is unboosted

yeah thor …and thats where fall down noone has one or wants one :stuck_out_tongue: we did beat it with persians though and the revamped one was still dicey and still needed the thor,ridiculous that this unique raid has to have a boosted thor

Scorpius rex is an easy raid. Go with skoolasaurus, gorgosuchus and 2 thylacotators. 5 turns and done.

For rinch, the best is allo2, irrit, tryo and the legendary dog, it has better probabilities to succeed because you need the resilient impact to crit on R1T2. 90% chance with the legendary dog and only 75% with the ankydo. Both strategies need the minions not to attack on turn 1 of each round.

Rinchi has become much easier now that we’ve been doing it for a few weeks and I suspect Andrew to follow the same route, but maybe not. I hope an easier strat comes out because right now it’s pretty brutal.