Andrewtops raid

ok starts tommorrow here so what have you all come up with, i have couple that got dropped on me based on the moveset,we will see.

Diorajasaur won’t really work for the second strat. If Andrewtops decides to use it’s Revenge even if one Minion is still up and about, then everyone will be taking a massive hit from Slow Piercing Rampage and Daring Group Revenge on turns 2 and 3 of Round 2 and 3. Plus, it’s Vulnerability counter does 1x damage, so you’ll eventually run into the problem that Andrewtops Boss will be doing far more damage than the Tuora will be able to heal the group from alone, even with the added help from Irritator.

The first one has better odds but relies on Andrewtops not CRITing, although I still kinda doubt the Skoona will survive turn 2 of Round 2, and it definitely won’t survive Turn 1 of Round 3 without Toura’s healing.

As for Monolorhino, I’d probably have it use Cunning Strike on the second turn of each round, just to be safe and make sure that even if Andrewtops hits everyone, it won’t be able to CRIT and it’ll be Distracted.

Edit: Though if you didn’t make these, I’d pass on my advice to whoever did make it.

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they were just dropped on me so no contact with them :stuck_out_tongue: guess i,ll find out tommorrow

I’ll update it with stats if it succeeds, which I’m pretty certain it will.

brilliant thanks the more the merrier :stuck_out_tongue: wont hit me till like 1 am here

ok so far no luck with any strat

This one doesn’t work

For now no stats have worked

got that to work after a few hundred hiccups and a big skooni but all the rest failed and now the gmes out because facebook is down

We used that one fine just had tuora emerg heal rd 2 turn 2.

this works

I might add that those levels are too low. Level 25 the minimum. It would help that Diora and Skoona are boosted.

this works also

They absolutely don’t work

The raid is bugged in terms of how Tops’ revenge works.

Sometimes it activates, sometimes it doesn’t. We ran the exact same strat - with the exact same moves happening, and had it go different ways each time (we won the ones where Revenge didnt randomly activate or persist - but some Tops would just do a revenge move out of the blue, despite not meeting the conditions for revenge).

It needs to be looked at.


The revenge will be working on T2 and T3 when both minions are out in T1. When only one minion is out on T1 revenge will not be active on T2. You’ll get the next minion on T2 and revenge will be only active on T3. So taking the minions one by one will work. Little bit of a weird system, lol…

Nope sometimes revenge activates even if just one minion dies. I think it’s bugged


I tested my strat and it works pretty well

Killing the scolo t1 of the rounds can really mess it up because of revenge and the irri needs to kill the scolo turn 2 of the rounds