Andrewtops’ swap in

Andrewtops has a seemingly useless swap in move, like granted it locks down the creature for 2 turns but other than that it does nothing. When andrewsarchus and Andrewotodon both have a no escape move surely the andrewtops unique should have inherited it from its parents and grandparents.


100% agreed. It’s swap in is garbo, and the fact that it has a swap in is counterintuitive, since it’s main role is clearly intended to be that of a revenge killer. Just give it no escape or some on escape move with pin


Yeah, Swap In Lockdown is horrible for Andrewtops.
My suggestion is that make it have On Escape Lockdown. It’s a new move, and it’ll will be better than Swap In Lockdown.

So, No Escape?

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No, it lockdowns you and the opponent.

Why should an on escape move lock down yourself? It should just be No Escape.

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Yeah, probably should be No Escape, like from her parent, Andrewtodon has.