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Android 12 GPS Issues

Ever since my device updated to Android 12 this game jumps around on the map. No other app that uses GPS is having this issue


Hey there blueboybob. If restarting your game or device doesn’t help, would you mind reaching out to our team at They’ll be happy to investigate!

I have the same issue. I restarted the phone and it worked fine for a while but it is messing up again now.

Apparently if you run google maps in the background it fixes the android 12 issue. @blueboybob


I’m not sure if it’s the new version or Android 12, but I’ve been having extreme GPS Issues. I take public transit into work and play while I wait. I’m experiencing moments where I don’t move at all on my map but I’m clearly moving in the vehicle. This can last several minutes and then I will suddenly teleport across town.

I’ve ensured permissions were correct and battery optimization was off but still an issue.

Anyone having these problems and/or have solutions?


I think it’s one of those bugs that have been in the game for a very long time and Ludia has never fixed. Because it happens to me very often.

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Hey refekt, being in a moving vehicle might cause some issues with the GPS location as there might be areas with weaker signals. However, if you are experiencing sporadic GPS problems even while stationary, please contact our support team at with your support key.


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I just found that if I open Google Maps, navigate anywhere, minimize the app, and open JW again I’ll have an accurate position but only while navigating

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That sounds more like GPS and the operating system having issues more than a JWA app issue. Did the permissions change in Android 12 and you need to go into the JWA app and grant it permission for full allow instead of periodically?

Android 12 did update their permissions and management. However, even with full permissions granted and battery optimization off for the app I still have the issues.

What fixed it for me was disabling ‘Google Location Accuracy’ in the (global) location services settings.


I just tried this and it’s looking promising! I’ll have to see how it is when in the bus

Thanks for the suggestions to work around this!

Ever since I updated my android to android 12 the GPS in game is not working correctly if I’m moving it only moved like every 15 seconds and it’s not accurate at all Iv contacted support but they gave me the normal make sure you have good connection when playing (it’s worked fine the last 3 years) now when I try open a new ticket they keep ending the conversation

It’s an Android 12 issue. Run Google maps in the background until it is fixed.

Tried that and still doesn’t work

Having the same GPS problems on my Pixel 6 pro won’t stay where it’s supposed to be even when stopped sits and bounces around. My Pixel 5 worked great until I upgraded to Android 12

This isn’t a new bug - it’s been there the whole time lol, I find that wifi makes the issue stop (google maps on in the background doesn’t and it just drains the battery). However, if you are like most of us, wifi and JWA do not mix well (wifi is as good as saying Voldemort in Harry Potter in my alliance lol). I actually do not run the game on wifi anymore because the two are not compatible at all - like oil and water. It started getting bas a few weeks before 2.9. Since then I never use wifi unless I have to, but it does fix the map problem - just can’t play the game then :rofl:

Never had any issue before Android 12. WiFi works great as well, can’t really play on mobile data as it is impossible to even launch the game where I live.

Has anyone else had a problem getting the GPS to track your movements after the latest Android Update (12.0)? The only way I have found to get the GPS to track me in game is to pull up Google Maps and navigate anywhere then open the game. However if I exit the navigation then stop moving within the game.