Android 12 GPS Issues

Just wondering if anyone was heard anything concrete from Ludia about them looking into this ongoing Android issue??? You know, other than the default sorry this is happening automated reply… :triumph:

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The response I had the other day was yes we know but there is no fix on the horizon.

Did they actually e-mail that response to you?! That’s horrible :persevere: I know it’s affecting a significant chunk of players! They’re going to lose a lot of players if they don’t address this issue :pensive:

Sadly yes and yes

It is technically an Android 12 issue. It’s really bad work by Google as it’s been known to them for four months now. All complaints about it on Google’s Pixel support forums were unceremoniously closed with the answer, “this doesn’t happen to me”.
Google unfortunately has a bad record of not caring about their software, they only care about spreading a shiny impression about how good they are at software.
I’ve found that this issue affects all games sticking to what is supposed to be required settings. Some game developers has “worked around it”, I think, by simply requesting 24/7 tracking abilities of you, which is crazy and extremely intrusive for the user.

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Gps not folwing my movement

Hey ludia i have a problem whit the gps in the game everytime i login and move some where else my gps stay on the spot where i loged in and i have try to re instal the game but nothing chanched i love the game and want to continue the support
If you want to look into this it would mean much

Met vriendelijke groet

Actually its not an Android 12 issue as GPS in POGO works just fine. Yes you can’t play it while moving but you move across the map with no issues.

This is typical Ludia and what’s wrong with actually saying to us what is actually happening?

Like Ludia could simply say ‘We have no idea why it’s not working, but are working with Google to fix it’.

Instead we get nothing as usual.

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Actually, Ludia said that in the December 08, 2021 UPDATE of the 2.12 known issues thread:

They are probably still investigating but we got no news since December 8th.


And here we are then some six weeks later with as you say no further news.

Why does PoGo not suffer the same issues?

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I agree. I was just telling that Ludia acknowledged the issue. After that, we got no communication on this issue and there is no mention of the problem in the release notes. Maybe they forgot about it or they don’t care about it. This is going to become a big problem as more phones update to Android 12.

You can’t compare JWA and PoGo. While I don’t like PoGo’s gameplay, I think Niantic handles the evolution of their game better.

EDIT: no mention of the issue in the new 2.13 known issues thread.

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Google is killing their map service for games. Gaming Services Transition Guide  |  Gaming Maps Platform Gaming Services  |  Google Developers

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If you look up Google Maps Platform Gaming Services (which JWA is built on, using the Google Maps SDK for Unity to generate the in-game map and the Playable Locations API to place supply drops and other things on the map) you can see it’s been deprecated as of last October and is unsupported after December 2022. It’s possible Ludia isn’t bothering to fix the current issue because they have to change how maps work sometime this year and will build the fix into that solution.

Edit: Or what Syg said as I was slowly typing, haha.

I had to go into work today. When I came out and turned the game on in the car, the GPS position stayed in the parking lot till I was driving a good 30-35mph down the street. Once it sensed me going fast it move to my position and stayed right with me all the way home.

The thing is this is now bad for walking and you have to bring up google maps and put a destination in to have the GPS following at a walking speed and have to listen to directions to that destination and exclamation noise when your walking the wrong way.

December 31, 2022?
That’s pretty close to the 5 year mark.
Hopefully they don’t say “That’s a wrap everybody!” and shutdown JWA.
Keeping the game running properly has been a major challenge for Ludia and it may be easier for them to let it die.
It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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So, excuse my ignorance here but if it’s down to google maps no longer being supported which I’ve just read about - why do other games that rely on maps like PoGo, ingress, pikmin, dibs etc…… still run absolutely fine?

PoGo, Ingress, and Pikmin are not built using Google Maps. Their company, Niantic, uses Open Street Map and their own point of interest system for placing Pokestops or whatever (those spots are all user-submitted with no generated locations like JWA has – this is why Pokestops are very scarce in rural areas, as they need to be placed at “notable locations”).

Other games built on the same system as JWA are The Walking Dead: Our World and Pac-Man GEO (and the Japan-only game Dragon Quest Walk, which has already announced to its users that they’ll be finding a new map solution).

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Ah so Ludia just need to use the same system then?

No. It’s nowhere near that simple. Like I said, Niantic uses their own POI system to place Pokestops, but every Pokestop location is user-submitted and community-reviewed before being accepted. They have strict guidelines for where stops can be placed. This means that in rural areas and even some towns, Pokestops are very scarce as there just aren’t enough qualifying locations. You might see only one stop for miles. That wouldn’t work at all for JWA, which needs to place many supply drops/strike towers, sanctuaries, and raid bosses on the map.

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I can understand that. But Ludia could/should communicate on this. There has been no news on this issue since december 8th and the GPS issue is not listed in the 2.13 known issues.

As usual, poor/no communication from Ludia on issues that impact many players.