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Android game performance

Hello there.
I just wanted to share with you how big difference a new phone made on my gameplay. I have played this game since the beginning on a Huawei P20 pro. With every JWA update the game got more and more lacky and was almost not playble after last big update. Wife with Iphone refused to spinn for alliance missions when i was driving the car on my phone (she havent got the temper for lacky phones) :o)

Now i got myself a OnePlus Nord and its amazing how smooth everything runs on it…even JWA. Even Iphone addict wife considering getting one soon…I really didnt think it would do much of a difference with a new Android phone but it sure did. I haven’t got any shares or anything in the OnePlus compagny…Just wanted to share how i got happy again playing JWA
Happy hunting

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The game actually ran pretty smooth on my previous Huawei mate 10