Android Robot in JWTG

Ik it’s not a Prehistoric creature but maybe there could be like a collaboration between JWTG and Android to make the Android Robot as an obtainable creature in the game. It’s level 40 appearance will give it longer antennae ear things spikes running along it’s back and claws on it’s nubs and is a Green to Red transition.

Oh yeah it’s also an Herbivore

No thanks, JW should only consist of dinos based off the JP/JW universe lore. Aka dinos that once existed that were genetically modified into theme park monsters loosely based off real life. Both the hybrids and super hybrids come from the JW lore.


Yeah I cannot agree more with Ms.@OstaposaurusBae as it would be nothing but a rabbit hole. Once you get in, there are no limits. Some other would come and say “Let’s add mecha-dinos.”, some other say “Why not dragons?”, another one say “Godzilla would be cool.” and this would go on and on.

Even the hybrids in the game a bit of a show off to me tbh, I would be much happier if this game was only a hardcore level of a scientific implementation. It wouldn’t be this fun maybe but I would love to see those prehistoric beauties with their every single “real” detail in today’s perspective.