Android - what are the notification categories


What do each of the 3 notification categories on Android do? I can figure out what they should do if they were named clearly, but either they don’t work properly or are poorly named.

I thought Incubators would give me notifications when to Collect my finished incubators, but nope.

I also don’t want sales notifications. don’t want event notifications.


I had notifications for:
New dino of the day spotted in parks
Deals in the market like discounted cash or coins
Incubators in the market like the recent guaranteed Amargasaurus one
Free incubator ready to be opened
Battle incubator ready to be opened

Those are all the ones I’ve noticed so far.


I mean
if you go to your profile and select notifications, what exactly does each category enable ?

I haven’t been seeing incubator collection notifications.
and have seen “dino spotted in park” notificstions.


Oh, OK, I don’t know the actual breakdown. I just have them all switched on and see the ones in my earlier reply.

Probably need a ludia support member to post here and let you know.