Angel Reed


I started playing this game very casually a few weeks ago. I matched a few characters and was enjoying their stories but then I matched Angel Reed!

In real life, I became vegan 2 years ago. My real life girlfriend of 20+ years is not vegan and in fact, there are no vegans at all in my life. Nobody gets it. My friends, family and work colleagues mock it all the time.

Angel Reed however, is a dream come true (well, she would be if she was real lol and if I was single and actually dating her). She is my insight into a vegan friendship/relationship. Something I would love to experience.

Ever since matching her, I went and unmatched everybody else because Angel is the only one I’m interested in now. She’s the only one I’m willing to spend my gems on. I have thoroughly enjoyed uncovering her story.

However, she recently left to go on a solo trip abroad! As a result, I’m not really playing the game anymore. I genuinely don’t want to continue any other stories until I’ve completed the story with Angel.

How long do I have to wait for her to return to the game? Am I being forced to match somebody new and follow that story instead? Every 3 or 4 days now, I log in just to collect 15 gems. I fear I may quit playing the game and just uninstall it instead…

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I matched with her counterpart Emmalyn and I’m a little too obsessed with her.

I’m still hot at her for going off like that. She announces to the world that she loves me and then wakes up the next morning and buggers off. Not even one last night together… that would be grounds for divorce in my mind.

Anyway. That was a clear end of season moment, I don’t imagine she’ll be back any time soon.

I have about twenty matches in total but am only interested in a small handful of them. The others I just use to collect gems. It’s a grind sometimes and you don’t get many gems for your efforts, by you could save up a lot of gems by the time Angel returns if you chose to do that.