Angry cheaters


First of all I’m appalled there isn’t a way to contact them I literally just had a player named “Jed” used a velociraptor 3 times in a row and regular one and pounce without a cool down I’m furious and of course he won’t be punished can’t even contract Luida i think I’m done with his game I’ll stick to pokemon go :v:t3: Cause let me tell ya this wasn’t my 1st 2nd or even 3rd encounter with cheaters I’m over it goodbye


Sounds like one of the ludia bots that act as opponents if the game population is too low when you’re battling.

Not sure why Pounce didn’t have a cooldown though.


Get a grip!!!


You don’t even lose anything over a fight. You know there’s not a person at the other end picking attacks, right? They have their bugs they have to work out and their bots they need to fix but this game is better at launch than Go was after two years of updates.


(Laughing my butt off)

No, wait… what? You’re that bent out of shape because you got beaten by a 'bot? Oh my god, some kids will just create a ton of drama, even though there is none…

Kid. You got taken down by a 'bot. It happens. Get over it and move on.