Ok so this week for the event has been all messed up. For example on wednesday july the 4th it was suppose to be an epic pyroraptor with 3 attempts. Instead in several of the event spots there were t-rex. When i went to take my attempts i had to wait till night time for the pyroraptors to be in the parks and it said i had 6 attempts. Plus the timer for the event said 1 day and 14hrs. Then the next day was suppose to trex day and there was only pyroraptors. Today is friday july the 6th and it is dimetrodon day. Now from past experiences im only suppose to get 3 attempts and the event is only suppose to last a day but it says i have 10 attenpts and again the event is going to go for 1 day and 13hrs. I am extremely frustrated i have been screwed out of my dna for the last 5 days. I dont know what is going on but this needs to be fixed. I really enjoy playing this game i would hate for something like this to make me stop.


They changed it … see the Announcements for details.

But usually 2x days are combined now, so 6x attempts for Epics (and you can choose which you want) for example.


They announced some changes to events on here recently (but no announcement in game so it caught a lot of people out):



Yeap you should ALWAYS read the patch notes or check for the latest news when you notice that something is different from what you’ve normally experienced.

I can understand some people may be lazy and expect everything to be hand fed to them, but take the time to investigate and read up on these things and you’ll have a far less stressful experience with games and even life in general :wink:


A lot of people don’t think to check forums for phone games until something like this happens. Not necessarily laziness. I think a lot of people would have appreciated an update on social media directing them to the post.


True a social media update on twitter or their facebook may have been appreciated, but maybe those same people would become “angry” due to checking those sources of information either.

No matter what you try and do to spread news, people will always find something to complain about.


I’m not using these kind of social medias. Guess many are against Facebook nowadays.


But another option would be to have the changes to the game to be shown in an information update/news post within the game itself, but then again people will just close the window and not read that information as they want to get straight into playing.


True, you can’t get to everyone, but something besides here. I know I’m the only one of my friends that plays who bothers to look here.


I suggest Ludia must post these event changes in game announcement, insure everyone could notice.
Also send a mail to game account mailbox.

Such information is far more important than tapjoy ad.:thinking:


Amen to that statement.